Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome Back Schumi !

It's finally comfirmed ! Michael Schumacher the living legend of Formula One is BACK !! Yes. Seven time world champion Formula One Driver, Forty One and Still Going Strong... But.... The Ferrari Legend is not driving for the red Prancing Horse, he's driving for his country ! Well... Literally.... Mercedes is German... He's German.... His future team-mate, Nico Rosberg is German.... Go Germany right ? However, Ross Brawn the team principle is not German.. He's pure English...
Goodbye Jenson Button and Hello Michael Schumacher ! Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton both are English.. No communication hurdles there.... And both of them could enjoy evening tea with each other on the patio... XD
Another surprise move was done by Petronas whom has signed a sponsorship agreement with Mercedes... I would expect Petronas to back our own Malaysian-based Lotus team.. Well... Michael will be wearing the Petronas Logo everywhere he go next year and doing lotsa public appearance during the Kuala Lumpur GP... Is that cool or what ?!!
The team, formerly known as Brawn GP, will now be named as Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team.
It would be a very interesting line-up next year in Formula One....! Although, no Kimi......=(...

P/S : I hope Schumi can kick Ferni's butt next year !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lotus F1 team names 2010 drivers lineup


I'm glad Lotus F1 are aiming high for their 2010 season debut. They have named Jarno Trulli (former Toyota Driver) and Heikki Kovalainen (former McLaren Driver). Fairuz Fauzy (former A1 team Malaysia) would be the reserve/test driver. Too bad Takuma Sato didnt get the job thou. But as far as I've seen, Kazuki Nakajima is better then Sato. Well, that's from my perspective. However, I'm still grieving that Kimi will not race next year. Heikki driving for Lotus is good enough. He's from Finland too ! haha ! Mika Hakkinen , Kimi Raikkonen and Heikki Kovalainen ! Even their names has similar tone... !

Oh well.. Dont set high hopes thou... If Ferrari did lapped Lotus, Its okay. As long we are in par with the other new comers... ! and please please please please dont always finish last just like Alex Y...

I wonder how much Malaysia contribute to back Lotus F1......

Jarno Trulli was paid $6.5m in 2009
Heikki $ 2.8 by McLaren (2009)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Memoirs of An Iceman

This is really sad news. Kimi Raikkonen has no place in next year's 2010 Grand Prix. All because of two people... B@#&!@^ Fernando Alonso and Ferarri's current team principle,Stefano Domenicali. I'm really upset of this news... Kimi Raikkonen is a great driver !! Give him a car and i'll just race in it. Just because he does not have superb P.R skills like Hamilton, doesn't mean that he's a stuck-up driver.

Now, his future is unknown. He said that he would take a 1 year break from his Formula One Carreer, but who knows what will happen a year after that. Would he continue to persue his Rallying and not rejoin back Formula One ?

And Fernando Alonso is nothing but a job stealer. I thought he dislike Michael Schumacher and the entire Ferrari team back in 2007 when he was the WORLD CHAMPION.. And now he claims that he's fully commited to Ferrari. (my foot!)

However, I'm still supporting Felipe ! Go Go ! Hope you'll be fit as a fiddle next year ! and good luck with your new team mate. =.=

Sighs......I bit farwell to you Kimi, please return in 2011. We'll be waiting for you !

Ms BellaS , I'm joining you in the Sebastian Vettel Fan Club next year !! haha !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More mind boggling rubics !!

Nice to see...
Nice to hold...
Once tried to solve it...
The mind exploded !

If 3x3 or 5x5 rubic cube is consider a child's toy... Try this newest edition of Star Rubic ! Guarantee to give a big headache... hahaha !!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rubic Cube Craze !

The Cube of Rubic is a mind boggling puzzle game and has invaded our class ! Finally, I'm not afraid to touch this cube because I have now mastered the method of solving this cube ! Muahaha !! Of course, there's a few of these people which the mind works like 10 supercomputers ,can do more advanced rubic cube known as the 5x5 !!!

(secrets of solving rubic revealed !)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boring ! Sien ! Bosan !

I'm so bored in college now.. Therefore, I have to blog about it ! 5 long dreadful hours of break time.. Its only 3pm now... 3 more hours to go for freedom !!!

The picture above shows geniuses playing a mind explosive game of chinese chess....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WTF ?! - What The..., Ferrari !

Prancing Horse..... Pffff.. !! I'll break it's leg it I wanted to.... Massa and Kimi has been great drivers... Massa was involved in a big accident and has to end his 2009 season. And now what??!!! They kicked Kimi Raikkonen out of his 2010 year contract ! And hire long time namesis Fernando Alonso ! I remembered it clearly that both Ferrari and Michael Schumacher hated him.. Cuz Alonso was too stuck up that he won twice the world championship. If Massa doesn't come back next season, I'm not supporting Ferrari next year because....
1) Kimi Raikkonen is no longer in the team.
2) Fernando Alonso is now in the team.
3) J.Todt is no longer with the team.
4) Massa is missing in action.
5) Michael Schumacher is supporting the idea that Alonso should join the team?!!??

Oh well.... I have to start supporting Hamilton... Kimi joining McLaren next season is better than him retiring from the sport, right?
But the idea of Raikkonen joining the Lotus F1 team is kinda awesome ! XD

Maybe next year I'll only support 1 team.... Lotus Formula One !
No Ferrari, No McLaren, No BMW Sauber (they are quitting anyway) !
GO Lotus Go Lotus !!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I want a LeSportsac TokiDoki Bag !

Its so damn cute but so freaking expensive ! Worst of all, its discontinued !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Kimmy !

Kimmy is now officially 3 years old !! Happy Birthday to my sister from another species... wakaka !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Incredible Federer in US Open 2009

You just have to admit that Roger Federer is just awesome !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Congratulations to McCurry...!

Yeap... Small mamak restaurant has won the eight year law suit against giant conglomerate McDonalds !!
The reason I'm interested in this news is because McCurry is our so called neighbourhood mamak stall.....(within walking distance)
I'm not surprised at all that McCurry won the lawsuit. Even my favorite fast food chain is McDonalds, I believe that the word "Mc" is very universal and very very common. There's The Beatles star, Paul McCartney ! J.K Rowling's fictional character from Harry Potter, Professor Minerva McGonagall ! Not to mentioned Formula One Team, McLaren Mercedes !!! Even Apple's MAC has the same pronunciation.

Basically, I'm giving useless examples to prove my statment... LOL... McDonalds only concerns with the usage of the prefix "Mc" for business signage only... So you can't have shop called McChilli 24 hours Roti Canai without McDonald's preying eyes on you.

But this law suit has brought lots of international attention to this small McCurry restaurant. Even appeared in the times online. Hope that their business would be blooming soon ! XD

P/S : Don't get me wrong, I love Ronald McDonalds. wa~~~ I want a Double Cheeseburger !

Friday, September 4, 2009

*for illustration purposes only

Recently, I went to KFC and I decided to order the new SHRIMP set. And I was VERY surprised the size difference between the PICTURE for the ad and REAL one.
Talk no more and let the pictures tell you the story !

Monday, August 31, 2009


When Sony launches the PSP GO in M'sia, I'm so gonna be the first in-line to get it ! To get free goodies !! However, I doubt that I have enough money to buy it by then. Hopefully, the price tag would be below rm900. Sony announced that the PSP Go will be available in stores in North America for $249 by October 09.

The PSP GO has a flash memory of 16GB, has no UMD drive and is 43% lighter than the current PSP-3000.

Nope... PSP GO is not a replacement of the current PSP models (that's what I read)
It's a whole new species.

Worst of all, it can;t play pirated games (we usually download like nobody's business the last time) just like the PSP-3000.

Luckily, Dissidia (JAP) came out last year.
But we wont be playing Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker for granted.

Sony is taking about money now.. $$
No money no games !

Sunday, August 30, 2009

josh groban is number1 in my iPod

Josh Groban's voice is so soothing.. Need to listen to his songs every night before I sleep. .
I bored and I wanted to blog about this. Funny isn't it ??

Favourite Gosh Groban Song (I cant rate it. It's all tied)

Mi Morena
When You Say You Love Me
You Raise Me Up
With You
You're Still You
Broken Vow
To Where You Are
My December
Remember When It Rained

Drifts away to a land of the dreams....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Internet DOWNnnnnnn.......

A computer is meaningless without an internet connection. It has no life. No soul in it. It’s just an object. An empty vessel. This is how I’m feeling too due to streamyx. I have not identified the problem and neither did the streamyx guy on the other line who put me on hold for a couple of long dreadful minutes. It’s not the modem. It’s not due to my computer problem. It’s not due to my telephone line either. I can be very certain that it’s definitely streamyx own problem.
“Please wait for 2 working days for us to call you back to identify the problem”, said the streamyx guy on the other side of the line.
This was the same thing they told my dad 2 years ago when streamyx broke down. And we waited 3 weeks for him to fix the problem.
Thankfully, my dad still has his Jaring dial-up connection. Since it’s so expensive “2.4 cents per minutes”, it’s only restricted for emergency use only.
Oh well….. Time for me to go to Old Town Kopitiam for free Wifi!
P/S: If you are seriously confused with the timeline, I wrote the post above before going to Old Town. XD

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why do I strive so hard and yet unable to achieve my objective?

I'm tired and on the brink of surrendering my goals in life. College life was not as easy as I imagined it was. I'm afraid that I could not graduate from my course with top honors of even fully complete it. Am I on the right path at this moment? I was so certain that this was the path that I should turn to before this. I've realize my past and struggle to repair my past mistakes. I've tried so hard to cope, its so difficult. While other seems to drift by effortlessly.

Robert Frost's poem, Road Not Taken makes alot of sense to me now.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I took one of the road, now its rocky and grassy, tough and unsteady, there's still a way back to the intersection, however, my efforts I travelled this far would be wasted.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged PSP Modification

Phew.. I thought I'll never get my hands on the new rock band game on the psp.. My psp started to give me "there are no games" after I placed the rock band file inside. And I thought my PSP had a Virus !!! NO wonder my friend actually LOL!!!!!!
when I told him my about my PSP...
ME : OH no !! Can you believe it?! My PSP got a virus !!
KG : What??!!! what happened??
ME : After I donwloaded Rock Band into my PSP, all my other games , GONE !!
KG : HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!!!! That's not a virus !!!!! It's just a technical glitch...
ME : =.=

And so, I didnt play Rock Band because everytime I download it into my psp, my games are gone and I have to reformat my memory card again and again...

Thanks to Google, I managed to find the solution and I'm sharing it with you Rock Band fans out there...!

The PROBLEM: rock band automatically deletes the GAME Folder. Therefore, the PSP will display "there are no games"

To fix this problem.. First, connect your psp to your computer. from your pc, create a .txt file or create/dump/copy/cut "any" file inside the GAME file..

any file would do.. a mp3 or a doc file will do the trick. an empty .txt is preferred because it absolutely takes up no space at all.

And TADA !!!! Your rockband is working and your psp is as HAPPY AS A CLAM !

*sings* A.B.C. its easy as 1.2.3 *sings*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PS2 & PS3 Final Fantasy Tech Demo

Gosh.. I remembered the last time I saw SquareEnix showing off PlayStation2's graphics capabilities, I was like......... WAHHH !!!
Because at that time, we were comparing PS1 and PS2...
Computer graphics has come and gone a long way. With Japan, game console graphics has improved dramatically.
My dad used to tell me, when he was at my age, there were only games like PONG, a table tennis video game in monochrome (it's the same one as seen in the movie "wall-e")
Then, there were the revolutionary Space Invaders !! Where you shoot shoot shoot all the aliens spacecraft. The theme song was "deng deng deng dengdeng dengdeng dengggggggggggg............." Those days, they were like FINAL FANTASY 13 to me ! LOL ! I can't imagine living in those days..

Here's a video comparison between the Opening Sequence Of Final Fantasy VII in a PS1 and a PS3 ~~

No no no.. its not a ff7 remake.... its only a technical demo.

Monday, July 13, 2009

when your psp is only as useful as a brick..

I can't imagine this happening to my psp..
I know how much I love my psp when the day I lost my phone, I wasn't sad, and I said , "phew, luckily I didnt lose my psp...

Friday, July 3, 2009

FFX International

I've been playing FFX International in Japanese all this while and it never occur to me that at the beginning of the game, you could choose the type of sphere grid (International Version or Original Version) and language (Japanese or English)... All because the questions were asked in Japanese ! I would do like any Japanese-Language-Handicap would do.... *A.E.I.O.U* which answer would I pick....
Thankfully, eventhough I wrongly picked Japanese but the subtitles were in English ! At lease I knew what was going on. But, till now, I'm not sure whether I picked the International Sphere Grid or the Original Sphere Grid....
I recently found out about it and also the translation. For those who suffered the same faith as me, here's a chance to replay your Final Fantasy X in your desired configurations.

1. "Which Sphere Grid would you like to use?"
- Original version
- International version(After choosing "Original version"...)
2. "Original version Sphere Grid, is this okay?"
- Yes
- No(Or after choosing "International version"...)
2. "International version Sphere Grid, is this okay?"
- Yes
- No
3. "Please select which language you'd like to play in?" (Note: This question solely influences which language the Zanarkand sequence is played in.)
- Japanese
- English

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Games Achievements

(lousy camera)

I have 2 months of holiday in my hand... (with exceptions of Moral Classes on every Saturday)...
And the most common word for this is......."boredom"..... I've been spending hours with my pals.. Let me introduce to you my good old buddies.... They are all shiny and electrifiing. They are called.................Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation Portable and Nintendo Wii... . They born in Japan and came from China.... Hahaa!

Anyways, here's a list of my Games Achievements during the holidays.....

Playstation 2

Final Fantasy X International (in progress)

Playstation Portable

Resistance : Retribution (completed)


Wipe Out Pulse (Unlock all race mode !)


Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess (I'm stuck and I give up !)

Resident Evil 4 (I give up too... Can't beat Salazar...=,=")

GT Pro Racer (I'm proud of this one... I've unlock all the cars and gold in every event)

Harry Potter and The Order of The Pheonix (98%.. I didn't complete the mini games)

P/S : I'm still hoping a Playstation 3 fall from the sky ! Come to Me ! Come to mE !!

Monday, June 15, 2009

2010 FIA Formula One World Championship

With the new budget cap implementation in Formula One, problems and controversy occurs. I believe FIA's move is fairly reasonable. The recent economic turmoil has damaged the world of motorsports and the world's most expensive sports has no exception from this misfortune either... Many big-shots, multi-billion funding teams have not completely agree with this condition that the FIA has brought forward. Prominent teams in Formula One such as Scuderia Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota and even "always-consistenly-winning-doesn't-it-seem-so-boring?-rookie-team" Brawn GP, has all submitted *conditional entry*
in another words : I'll enter but under protest !

Team 2010

Old Chaps
Scuderia Ferrari
BMW Sauber
Renault F1 Team
Toyota Racing
Scuderia Toro-Rosso
Red Bull Racing
Force India F1 Team
Brawn GP

New Chaps (source:

Campos Grand Prix
Company Name: Campos MetaTeam
Country : Spain
Team Principal: Adrián Campos Suñer

Manor F1 Team
Company Name: Manor Grand Prix Racing
Country: United Kingdom
Team Principal: John Alfred Booth

Team US F1
Company Name: Team US F1
Country: USTeam
Principal: Ken Anderson

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who needs John Connor when you got Marcus !

Sam Worrington is so hot !! Hotter, cooler, powerful, sophisicated and most of all his a good looking manufactured cyborg !! OOOOooooOOoo... I don't want vampire already lar... Cyborg sounds cooler !! He is the latest twist in the Terminator series.. Before watching the movie, I thought this was the Terminator Movie we have been waiting for more than 20 years since the first Terminator came out staring "I"LL BE BARK" Arnold S. I thought I knew the entire story, send Kyle Reese back to the past, Skynet rulling the world, Judgement Day happened and etc etc. Mana tau, got Marcus Wright ! At first, I was like, who the hell is Marcus Wright?? I thought I know everything !! Luckily, JOhn Connor said the same thing, "I thought I know everything, but the truth is, I dont know anything".
Btw, great look-like of the T-800 ! I like the "younger" version of Arnie !! hahah !!

But there's a few things.. Why does Marcus have to donate his heart to John ? Can't Marcus's heart be replaced with another mechanical heart? Oh well... its show biz....

After signing his body over to Cyberdyne Systems thru, Marcus was entered into Project Angel and his body was used in their machinations. Using Skynet technology, and presumably upon Skynet's orders, there is an unique endoskeleton built for him and designed to sustain his human components, such as his brain and heart. Marcus' brain was placed within the metal skull and his heart in the chest, protected by a chest plate that kept the entire abdomen armored. The heart provides blood and oxygen to the brain ,aiding in the regeneration of his skin tissue, and is itself sustained by Marcus' cybernetic components. According to Skynet, the new Marcus could live for hundreds of years. (source -

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bridge Designing !!

For our Mechanical Science subject, we've been given an assignment to build a minature bridge using only Balsa Wood and Wood Glue ! yeap, no hammering and no nails ! This assignment was given to us about 2 months in advance. As usual, we Malaysian will only start at the last minute.

We are required to build a balsa wood bridge along with a report about the force calculations and so on so forth... Oh yea... "Individually" ! The bridge must be more than 30g and less than 40g and is required to carry a maximum load of 100N (10kg) to aquire the full 10marks !

Sounds impossible I said to myself ! With just glue ?!!!! Are you kidding me?? And balsa wood? Those wood are like ice cream sticks ! 10 kg?? !!! My dog, Kimmy is 3kg and my rabbit, Datin is 5 kg ! That's only 8kg ! Maybe my big fat tortise, Ninja is around 2kg... Wow... the 40g balsa bridge must carry 10kg ! That is equal to my dog, rabbit and tortise... Or a bag of rice !
after the bridge testing, I started to reminish about Addidas's Moto, Nothing is Impossible.... I build my bridge with LOtsa help from my friends and family... Ahem... Being the only girl in class can be very helpful. AHemMM.......

While waiting for the bridge testing (or shall i say, the torture chamber), we manage to fool around....
My "baby" bridge !!

Yee Chaw's A-Truss

Master Chee Leong's
Weights only 40g and the 30kg load has no effect on the bridge !!!!
If the lecturer wasnt worried that the load would break the floor, I guess it could supports more than 50kg !!! I think can enter Ripley's Believe A Not !!!

Kenneth and YC when out for POOL-ing !!! So we decided to "Karate" their bridges ! NO, we did not purposely place Ken's bridge upside down.. It is manufactured that way... hahahahaha !!! no pun intended....

Gary's "Rainbow" Bridge

This either Gopi's or Hock Peng's... Hock Peng's bridge manage to withstand more than 15kg ! and you know how it broke? After the testing, he was so happy like a little boy in the candy store. He went and use his two fingers to touch the joint and it broke... =,=""""""
The bridge tower !!

Half of the class bridges.
In all shapes and sizes....

Another reason I decided to blog about this is because I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all my friends and family that have helped me ALOT !!!!!
YC - Thank You For helping me with the blueprints, calculations , the two X's and one side of the bridge.
CL - Thank You for helping me with the outer part of the bridge and driving all of us to Gardens to get the balsa wood.
KJ - Thank You for not freezing the rat living inside in the air-cond even the weather was so damn hot.
HP - Thank You for coming to lunch with us... Please remember to open your eyes when playing scissor, paper, stone...
Mom - Thank You for staying up late with me to help me hold the bridge while i'm glue-ing it.
Dad- Thank you for your funds in sponsoring $$ for the materials
and most of all.. thank you Kimmy for eating all the extra wood dropped on the floor.. Grandma didn't notice that I dirtied the floor the next morning... Pheww.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Formula One Review by Miyoko !

Yes, it's that time again to critize and admire the wonderful sports of Formula One ! brought to you by Miyoko Formula-actic.

First, I would want to acknowledge Mr Ross Brawn !!! Yes, he is the guy who brought over Honda, put food in the pocket for a few hundrend of Honda's Formula One Team employee's, and saved Jenson Button and Rubben Barrichello's butt into a winning car !
Yes, he was the same guy that helped Michael Schumacher to win seven world Championships... ! Yes, he was the same guy would appear on the podium if Ferrari won first place.. yes, he is the race engineer or is it called technician?
That was ages ago... Ages !!
But now he's back ! Not in red filled with words and logos....
He's back with a clean white shirt !!
And he still doesn't smile.... yeah.. maybe he did that i didnt catch...

If you watched the Malaysian GP last Sunday, it looked like a battle between Ross Brawn from Brawn GP and Michael Schumacher from Ferrari ! But silly o' Michael was no matched for Brawn. Schumi got Kimi into the wet tyres when it has not started raining yet?! Therefore, Brawn 1, Ferrari 0. Or shall I say, Brawn 18 points ! Ferrari ZEROoo....

The Formula One M'sia Grand Prix !

These few days was hectic with my assignments and tests. Yeah.... Now I wish to go back to government high school because you can crap and add all the rubbish you want in your essay. Now in college, you have to do research on your own and use the Harvard Referencing way.. =,= Great... If not, the word PLAGIARISM will be plasted on my face !
Now now.. lets focus on something more interesting like my favourite sports, FORMULA ONE !

Yes, Kimi has returned from the ashes, both quick nick and cube kubica is also back ! Not to mentioned that Hamilton has came back with the HAM. (i'm trying to make a stupid joke here).

Last Friday, my mom and dad has brought me to see the free practice at Sepang ! I love you mom and dad !! I was surprised there was not alot of people since its free... FOC..!

Brawn's Pit Stop

toro rosso's Pit Stop

...........and Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe's Massa Pit Stop !! I noticed Kimi's personal trainer aka Botak ! walking here and there... ! XD

Here are some Formula One Picture that we took with our camera...

I think thats a Ferrari................
That could be a Brawn.................
Likely to be BMW.....................
P/S : Moral of the story, recreational camera are useless in taking formula one pictures !