Saturday, November 3, 2012


It was vivid. But gravity didn't exist nor did any laws of physics.
And saw great grief in those beautiful grey eyes.
It was burning into me.
Anger? Sorrow? Pain?
Oh, I would do anything to ease that agony.
But every move I made burned me.
Then I realized we weren't alone.
There were people in white coats.
I was being pushed away.
Someone grasp my hand.
But there’s blood.
And someone whispered that I’ll be alright before it all when dark.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rally Withdrawal Syndrome

Been bitten by the rally bug. Neeeeee...eeeddd to rest my brain.. *faints*

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Epic Trailer...

James Bond high-tech watches are Omegas or Rolexes. An inter-galactic robot is a Chevrolet. and Ethan Hunt is an avid fan of Apple Products.
But this? This is "awesome"..!

(LOL !!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Singapore F1 Part 2

Lunch @ Marche 

Chilli Crab For Dinner... 

Sat here during qualifying because
a) there were not many people
b) was nearer to the Gelato Ice-Cream stall.. XD

Pakai Selipar pergi tengok F1..

Breakfast at McDs

Rented a Fan Vision Portable TV to keep updated with the live results..

After surveying the whole day on Friday, we decided to sit here because, 
a) was nearer to the Grandstands
b) was under Zone 1
c) was between turn 22 and 23, where you can see the cars decelerating. 

...with the Singapore Flyer in front...

....and the Marina Bay Sand as your background.. 

At Turn 22 and 23, you're likely to get a piece of super soft tyres as your souvenir. :)

 As usual, Vettel won the race...

Fans were treated with Chester Bennington's screaming vocals and Mike Shinoda's rhythmic chanting.. XD

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Probably the Happiest Weekend in my life...


*Beep, Text Message Received*

From Volkswagen

Wanna go F1?

Click, Reply

YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most “yeng” traveling experience..
Took a flight to Singapore, while our luggage arrived by ground transport (kereta)
P/S : Mom and YM, thank you for being my FedEx.. XD
(basically, we arrived at the Singapore airport with no yeng man..!)

The start of Friday Practice…


Entry Passes..!!


So affordable, if you don’t convert the currency… unfair…!R0031777




I shall unofficially named this machine, the Dr Death of F1…


Right Place @ The Right Time but lousy photographer..
Spot the 2011 World Champion, Sebastien Vettel..


Half-Faced Namesis, Fernando Alonso..and his PA…


HAH!! At Lease I managed to get Michael Schumacher’s picture right..R0031798

and this team mate..



I couldn’t help it.. This guy’s back look exactly like Taylor Lautner… Haha!!


Famous Quotes from yee2:

“We walked 45 minutes away from the wheel and we still end up near the damn thing..!!  &#^%$ (Censored)”


Then, we realised that our passes are eligible for unlimited free rides on the Singapore Flyer..  Unlimited wasn’t an awesome word as it seems.. Second round? Nah, Boring lah..

But it was still awesome watching Friday Practice on a giant ferris wheel.. XD



Saturday Qualifying to be continued…..