Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spagetti Ala Vongole !

Who said that I cant cook ? Well, after a few failed attempted cooking Maggi Mee, I found out that I can cook spagetti without getting a stomach-ache after the meal..! Hooray ! It's a great achievement for me, alright ? The truth is, I didnt cook the spagetti from scratch.. a trip to Cold Storage, go the food section and buy one of those instant pasta in a packet and you're 50% done..


I picked this brand because I assumed it was made in Italy because the preparation directions were in ITALIAN ! I'm pretty smart eh ? okay.. another reason was because it was the only one that "Contained Alcohol"

Open it up, and it looks like this...

Pour 450ml of water in to the pot and "Start the FIRE!"

After the water is boiled, pour the contents of the packet. Stir the contents occasionally until the sauce is evaporated. (not completely, it takes about 7-10 minutes)

For additional flavour, you could add some "Mixed Herbs" (I have no idea what is it called, flavoring?,powder?,taste enchanter????)

I added some basil FRESH from the garden..

And VOILA ! You have your homemade Spagetti Ala Vongole !

Sunday, April 11, 2010

dude, where's my car ?

wtf ? bff? ? hey, you stole my Fs remember ? f you, man...

Fantasia in Tavola

1-mettere a bollire in una pentola bassa e larga 450 ml abbondanti di acqua
2-quando l'acqua bolle versare il contenuto della busta e mescolare.
3-cuocere a fuoco medio ed a padella scoperta per circa 7 minuti,
finche l'acqua non si sara completamente riassorbita
mescolare di tanto in tanto

3 Blind Mice Nursery Rhyme

Three Blind Mice,
See how they run,
They all ran after the farmer's wife,
Who cut their tails with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a thing in your life ?
As three blind mice.....

Children sing it, parents sing it to their kids.. It'a a well known nursery rhyme. But do you know the thru meaning and the origin of this song perceived by many that it is innocent as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary had a Little Lamb ? Well.. think again...

The "farmer's wife" refers to Queen Mary I, wife of King Philip of Spain. She was a devoted Catholic and was nicknamed as "Bloody Mary" due to her ruthlessness against the Protestants.
"Three Blind Mice" were the three Protestant nobleman convicted to plot against the Queen's execution.
However, the Queen did not blinded the three nobleman as mentioned in the nursery rhyme, but she comdemned to be burned on the stake....

It's a really violent and dark song to be singing joyfully.. Do you still want to sing it to the little young ones ?
Better stick back to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Sunday, April 4, 2010


That's just plain digusting...