Monday, August 25, 2008

buying cl0ud on eBay !

I've been always surfing around ebay for years ! Most of the time, copying (oklah, not so bad la)..*harhem*...GETTING IDEAS for cosplay costumes. So, I finally bought something from ebay and it was a bargain (i hope so). It was a Final Fantasy VII Cloud Trife ACTION FIGURE !! *wakakakaka!!!*

on eBay, it was sold for 20USD and FREE SHIPPING !! YES FREE SHIPPING !! (actually,there was another offer from the same seller, 9USD plus 11USD shipping fee. (0.0)

I saw a shop selling the same action figure for RM140 !! Square Enix Official Online Store is 23USD not including shipping fee. So, on ebay, it is RM80 which is RM60 cheaper than the shop I saw in PJ !!

But there's a few things that worries me:

1) Damn f*** spywares and humans which associates with it !

2) It's a fake one from CHINA (x.x)

3) Package does not arrive and the seller refuse to give a re-fund.

4) Cloud's head has been chopped off by Sephiroth.

5) Grandma goes "what the heck? you bought a toy for EIGHTY RINGGIT!!"

here is a picture what its supposed to looked like........

if the purchase is successful, next, i'm gonna buy VINCENT !