Monday, October 26, 2009

Rubic Cube Craze !

The Cube of Rubic is a mind boggling puzzle game and has invaded our class ! Finally, I'm not afraid to touch this cube because I have now mastered the method of solving this cube ! Muahaha !! Of course, there's a few of these people which the mind works like 10 supercomputers ,can do more advanced rubic cube known as the 5x5 !!!

(secrets of solving rubic revealed !)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boring ! Sien ! Bosan !

I'm so bored in college now.. Therefore, I have to blog about it ! 5 long dreadful hours of break time.. Its only 3pm now... 3 more hours to go for freedom !!!

The picture above shows geniuses playing a mind explosive game of chinese chess....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WTF ?! - What The..., Ferrari !

Prancing Horse..... Pffff.. !! I'll break it's leg it I wanted to.... Massa and Kimi has been great drivers... Massa was involved in a big accident and has to end his 2009 season. And now what??!!! They kicked Kimi Raikkonen out of his 2010 year contract ! And hire long time namesis Fernando Alonso ! I remembered it clearly that both Ferrari and Michael Schumacher hated him.. Cuz Alonso was too stuck up that he won twice the world championship. If Massa doesn't come back next season, I'm not supporting Ferrari next year because....
1) Kimi Raikkonen is no longer in the team.
2) Fernando Alonso is now in the team.
3) J.Todt is no longer with the team.
4) Massa is missing in action.
5) Michael Schumacher is supporting the idea that Alonso should join the team?!!??

Oh well.... I have to start supporting Hamilton... Kimi joining McLaren next season is better than him retiring from the sport, right?
But the idea of Raikkonen joining the Lotus F1 team is kinda awesome ! XD

Maybe next year I'll only support 1 team.... Lotus Formula One !
No Ferrari, No McLaren, No BMW Sauber (they are quitting anyway) !
GO Lotus Go Lotus !!!