Monday, May 6, 2013

Don't Play with Racial Cards

Scenario 1
“There are a lot of factors that occurred, effects from the support of the Chinese to BN. The tsunami that I mentioned earlier, this tsunami of the Chinese community, led to large numbers supporting the opposition,” Najib said.
Chinese Tsunami?

P124 Bandar Tun Razak, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim won majority of 11,832 votes over Tan Kok Eng.
P100 Pandan, Mohd Rafizi beat Lim Chin Yee with a majority of 26,729.
Khalid Ibrahim and Mohd Rafizi Chinese? Tan Kok Eng and Lim Chin Yee Malay?

Note that these areas are urban areas with significant Chinese voters.

Scenario 2
"I think all people in Gelang Patah know Lim Kit Siang. We know his history, he likes to move around, move from one place to another place. He is not quite loyal to his constituency. In addition, Johoreans, especially Gelang Patah people, know very well the politics practised by DAP which (itself) is divisive, racist and chauvinistic.” Muhyiddin made these remarks at a press conference after meeting more than 6,000 Chinese school heads and teachers in Johor Baru this afternoon.

“DAP is divisive, racist and chauvinistic.” So, MCA is not? MCA is compromised by ALL-CHINESE members.

P51 Bukit Gelugor MP, Karpal Singh represents DAP and won with a a majority of 41,778.
P46 Batu Kawan MP, Kasthuriraani represents DAP and won with a majority of 25,962.
P48 Bukit Bendera MP, Zairil Khir Johari represents DAP and won with a majority of 32,778.

Are they Chinese too?