Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ways to Spend Your Time Than Watching Reruns of Lost = #5

#5 Eat Steamboat.......under the chandeliers

Enjoy eating steamboat but dislike being hot and sweaty...?

Here's the solution....

Steamboat at Grand Imperial…





See, you don't need to cook your own food.. Someone will do it for you.

One may ask, what is this below?


Prawn Tail
Prawn Eye
Pork Intestine


No meal would be complete without a cup of Frozen Yogurt

Do you want to eat Black Eyed Peas…?

Directly Quoted From My Grandma..

Me : Mama..! What are we having for dinner?

Grandma : Yao Mak (Lettuce), Jing Yue (Steamed Fish) and……

Me : and…??

Grandma : Black Eyed Peasss…!

Me : watttt??? *burst out laughing because it seems like we’re eating
Fergie and for dinner..*

So, folks, let me introduce to you the black eyed peas..!! seriously….


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ways to Spend Your Time Than Watching Reruns of Lost = #4

#4 Attend a Workshop to polish your terrible skills...

in my

anyways.. coincidently, Benefit Cosmetic was having this skincare workshop for their loyal customers at Ben's Cafe in KLCC...

Free Flow of Cranberry Juice.. Yum..!


New products, b.right! radiance skin care and Cha-cha Tint...

I didn't know you can do like so many things with your cotton bud and cotton swabs besides.... cleaning your ears....?

A whole complete set of Benefit Products for the girls to play around with...!

I'm only there for the awesome door gift..
(my mom's so gonna kill me)

Da Door Gift...

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
Potent! Eye Cream
Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15

Got this Finding Mr. Bright Kit...
dig the catch phrase..
why we love it :
lADIES, THIS BRIGHTENING KIT IS QUITE A CATCH! fINDING Mr. Bright is filled with all of the essentials for a luminous complexion. Complete with a step-by-step brightening lesson. This kit's the total package!

get it here:

"muka yg langsung taktau apatu foundation or primers or concealers"

lessons to be learned....
don't park your car whole day at KLCC or this will haunt you in your nightmares...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ways to Spend Your Time Than Watching Reruns of Lost = #3

#3 - Have an evening tea-break like the British

There's this really nice place in Bangsar Village that serves authentic and a variety of tea and coffee...

Origami Cranes for Japan....

Tea for two anyone?

Testing out the semi-DSLR... XD

scrumptious scones..!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ways to Spend Your Time Than Watching Reruns of Lost = #2

#2 Go Around Snapping Grammatically Error Signboard Pictures...

Status : Still In Progress

Opening Now
I guess the opening ceremony is in progress now....

Are you Desired For Baby?
I don't even know how to correct this....

I like this one best... He's not wrong, man..
Out of Order.... XD

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ways to Spend Your Time Than Watching Reruns of Lost = #1

#1 Queue Up for 13 Hours to Get A Phone that you don't really want...

Status: Mission Completed...

The plan was to start queuing at 4 in the morning but as lazy bums, we were too eager to hit the snooze button. Ended up waking up at 6am instead.

The sun wasn't even out yet and it was a different feeling eating McD at night...! Probably it's just an illusion, but the burger tasted better before the sun is up..~!

Anyways, we drove to Midvalley afterwards and parked at Gardens. We were crossing our fingers that the doors would be opened by then or we would be trapped in the parking until 10am. Thankfully, it was open and so were the escalators (anyways its automatic).

Joined the line at 7.30am.. I estimated there were probably about 50 people in front assuming that not everyone is buying one for themselves.

Well, in this kind of events, we would always meet weird people. When the officials asked us to move to the proper lining area nearer to the Samsung booth, this guy out of nowhere was suddenly standing next to us, and so my mom (with her trademark moves..keke), asked him "Helloooo!! Why are you standing so close to the line?"
Man : No no.. You know, I'm just standing here you know.. Just seeing why there's so many people here you know.. (buat bodoh)
(Wah... You want to see ant meh?? stand so close for what)
Mum: Then why are you following us to the queuing area...?! Can't you stand outside of the line?
Man: No no... Just want to see what people are queueing up for?
(Can't you see there's a big board saying SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 VIVID-FAST-SLIM..? You think we are queuing up to buy a car meh??)

So anyways, I think the guy got scared, and stood behind of us and was shoo-ed away too by this really nice couple behind us. Really nice people. Chatted with them while queuing.

Dunno what happened to that weird man after that. Probably realised that the official queuing session starts at 3pm and went away.

Thankfully, we didnt need t0 queue till 3pm, they started to distribute queue numbers at 12.30pm so we can have our lunch and do some shopping. We got queue number 81 and 82.

On the down side, they could only manage to process an average of 12 phones per hour.

.......I've never been so bored in a mall before............

After 2 Starbucks and Toastbox visit....

Finally at.......

we got the phone...~!

Instead of going all the trouble of getting just one... we got two....!!

P/S : My mom is just hilarious... While I was taking a photo of the phone, my mom said "Hold the phone properly or someone would snatch it away..!
Me : Mom, its a phone, not a GOLD BAR...!
- We both laugh about it after that. We realised it wasn't because of the price of the phone, it was because how much we went through so much trouble to get the phone..

Guess how much the parking was..................