Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So MUCH Movies and so Little Time

There are so many blockbusters movies nowadays.... Lets check the newspaper and see what showing....

1) Batman : The Dark Knight (ok, i'm gonna watch it soon)
2) Sex And The City (err, torrent plz)
3) Red Cliff (yup, seen that)
4) Budak Neraka (Hellboy) 2 : The Golden Army (seen that too)
5) War Of The Dragons (err... maybe I can skip that)
6) Journey To The Center Of The Earth (try my best to watch it in the cinema since its 3D)
7) Hancock (must watch on DVD)
8) Wanted (hmm... Angelina Jolie? ok, DVD)
9) Kungfu Panda (omg, its still showing in the cinemas??!!)
10) X-Files : I Want To Believe (common, its Agent Mulder and Agent Scully, i watch them since i was 7 , 8 ? used to be on TV2 every Sunday at 7pm, my dad never missed it)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn REVIEW

And YES, with my busy schedule and all, I'm still addicted to my Nintendo Wii and PSP....
I want to promote a "new" game I found for the Wii

Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn

its kinda like a strategy plus adventure game... Characters are control like in Chess and if they die in the war...*take note* They reviving potion....
I like the whole story at first... It's about this group called the Dawn Brigade wanting to restore their kingdom called Daien. The main character is called Micaiah a.k.a The Silver Haired Maiden. Who posses healing powers and some sort of six sense. So, technically, people of her country call her a savior and a goddess. In Part 1 she and her "gang", will fight against Begnion Kingdom to save her country....

I dont really get the story line... It is much too complicated even I tried to read all the conversation and the explanation. There are too many characters involves... the dawn brigade, the Laguz which consist of the cat, beast, wolf,raven and hawk tribe (i mean hawk and raven? whats the difference? both look almost the same!!), Daien Kingdom, Crimea Kingdom, Begnion Kingdom, the Holy Mercenaries and some angels which I cant differentiate the princes and princesses cause ALL OF THEM HAVE WHITE WINGS, AND LONG BLONDE HAIR !!!

whats worst is the in PART 2 and PART3 of the story, is that it's not about the dawn brigade and the silver haired maiden anymore.... what is it about, then? Its about Crimea and their queen and their rebels.... Then, in Part 3 its about the Laguz Alliance against the Dawn Brigade(Daein)
Sometimes, everyone is the good and also the bad guys... Is at which perspective you are judging at.....

Oh yeah... cut scenes.... I must mention about the cut scenes.... the graphics are pretty impressive... And while playing this game, looking forward to the cut scene will make you continue to play the game....

~ Its the game you can play to kill the time while waiting for Final Fantasy 13 ~

aH piiiiT...

I've been buzzzyyyy for the past 2 months... WoW, so fast time passes. Kinda shock me quite alot.. I have been in college for like two months now... I MISSSSS HIGH SCHOOL !!! But of course, I like my college too... Very very nice and funny classmates !! My friends cant stop teasing my college's name... It's called APIIT but they rather love to put the M and R into it and calls it ARMPIIT.. Although it sounds kinda embarrassing, it will sound very professional when I say the full name... Asia-Pacific Institute of Information Technology or Asia Pacific University College Innovation And Technology....pretty high-class, huh? who's, laughing now??? (~lame~)