Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Epic Trailer...

James Bond high-tech watches are Omegas or Rolexes. An inter-galactic robot is a Chevrolet. and Ethan Hunt is an avid fan of Apple Products.
But this? This is "awesome"..!

(LOL !!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Singapore F1 Part 2

Lunch @ Marche 

Chilli Crab For Dinner... 

Sat here during qualifying because
a) there were not many people
b) was nearer to the Gelato Ice-Cream stall.. XD

Pakai Selipar pergi tengok F1..

Breakfast at McDs

Rented a Fan Vision Portable TV to keep updated with the live results..

After surveying the whole day on Friday, we decided to sit here because, 
a) was nearer to the Grandstands
b) was under Zone 1
c) was between turn 22 and 23, where you can see the cars decelerating. 

...with the Singapore Flyer in front...

....and the Marina Bay Sand as your background.. 

At Turn 22 and 23, you're likely to get a piece of super soft tyres as your souvenir. :)

 As usual, Vettel won the race...

Fans were treated with Chester Bennington's screaming vocals and Mike Shinoda's rhythmic chanting.. XD