Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Dad, Mom and 3 others likes this post"

Dad : Girl, can you help me with Facebook?

Girl : Sure.

Dad : How do I unfriend friends from facebook? (seriously he said "UNfriend") You see, I have this group of friends whom I'm very close with and this group of people who are my ex-colleagues whom I'm not very close with and also this group of people that I have have no idea who they are !

Girl : (Points at "Edit Friends")

Dad : (Saw the group friends tab) Eh..! Can I group my friend's instead? My close friends, my karaoke friends, ex-colleagues, ex-classmates..

Girl : That if you want to show the whole world who your best friends are.

Dad : Owh.. Nevermind then.. How do I unfriend?

Girl : (Points at the X Button)

Dad : Okay.. This guy, I have no idea who he is.. I'll delete him..

("Are you sure you want to delete this person" prompt screen appear)

Dad : He won't know I unfriend him, right?

Girl : Nope (lol!!) Anyways dad, aren't you too "senior" for a facebook account?

Dad : What do ya mean?? My friend, H*** has a facebook account and he's 60 plus and constantly updates his status..

Girl : (faints....!)

5 minutes later....

Dad : Who's Y**.....??

Girl : That is "gu-poh" (grandaunt)

Dad : what??!! she has a facebook account toooo???