Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bridge Designing !!

For our Mechanical Science subject, we've been given an assignment to build a minature bridge using only Balsa Wood and Wood Glue ! yeap, no hammering and no nails ! This assignment was given to us about 2 months in advance. As usual, we Malaysian will only start at the last minute.

We are required to build a balsa wood bridge along with a report about the force calculations and so on so forth... Oh yea... "Individually" ! The bridge must be more than 30g and less than 40g and is required to carry a maximum load of 100N (10kg) to aquire the full 10marks !

Sounds impossible I said to myself ! With just glue ?!!!! Are you kidding me?? And balsa wood? Those wood are like ice cream sticks ! 10 kg?? !!! My dog, Kimmy is 3kg and my rabbit, Datin is 5 kg ! That's only 8kg ! Maybe my big fat tortise, Ninja is around 2kg... Wow... the 40g balsa bridge must carry 10kg ! That is equal to my dog, rabbit and tortise... Or a bag of rice !
after the bridge testing, I started to reminish about Addidas's Moto, Nothing is Impossible.... I build my bridge with LOtsa help from my friends and family... Ahem... Being the only girl in class can be very helpful. AHemMM.......

While waiting for the bridge testing (or shall i say, the torture chamber), we manage to fool around....
My "baby" bridge !!

Yee Chaw's A-Truss

Master Chee Leong's
Weights only 40g and the 30kg load has no effect on the bridge !!!!
If the lecturer wasnt worried that the load would break the floor, I guess it could supports more than 50kg !!! I think can enter Ripley's Believe A Not !!!

Kenneth and YC when out for POOL-ing !!! So we decided to "Karate" their bridges ! NO, we did not purposely place Ken's bridge upside down.. It is manufactured that way... hahahahaha !!! no pun intended....

Gary's "Rainbow" Bridge

This either Gopi's or Hock Peng's... Hock Peng's bridge manage to withstand more than 15kg ! and you know how it broke? After the testing, he was so happy like a little boy in the candy store. He went and use his two fingers to touch the joint and it broke... =,=""""""
The bridge tower !!

Half of the class bridges.
In all shapes and sizes....

Another reason I decided to blog about this is because I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all my friends and family that have helped me ALOT !!!!!
YC - Thank You For helping me with the blueprints, calculations , the two X's and one side of the bridge.
CL - Thank You for helping me with the outer part of the bridge and driving all of us to Gardens to get the balsa wood.
KJ - Thank You for not freezing the rat living inside in the air-cond even the weather was so damn hot.
HP - Thank You for coming to lunch with us... Please remember to open your eyes when playing scissor, paper, stone...
Mom - Thank You for staying up late with me to help me hold the bridge while i'm glue-ing it.
Dad- Thank you for your funds in sponsoring $$ for the materials
and most of all.. thank you Kimmy for eating all the extra wood dropped on the floor.. Grandma didn't notice that I dirtied the floor the next morning... Pheww.....