Monday, January 12, 2015

Note to 13 Year Old Miyoko

Dear 13 Year Old Self, 

- Congratulations, you have upgraded to secondary school. 
- I admire your determination to go into a complete new school with zero friends.
- Until now, I still don't know why you left your good old primary school buddies for a strange new "Cina" secondary school. 
- Mum and Dad don't know why either. 
- You will meet new friends. Some you would keep in touch until now. 
- Grandma still tie your hair into two pony tails? So cute. ^^
- Cry less my dear. Save your tears for more important things. 
- Be strong, my love. 
- You should pay more attention to Mathematics class. 
- Yes, you will get your phone before your 18th birthday. Don't worry. Technology is blooming. 

Your 24 Year Old Self

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I feel inspired to write something... hahaha

I vowed to never fall back to the pits of darkness...
Consumed by hatred, anger and fear....
To have sleepless nights and fury days....
Feelings I hope that I will never relive...

Time will heal as...
Days then looked brighter...
In search of a sunrise, unicorns appeared(? HAHAHAHA)
Never again will I fall back into the darkness..

Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog Revival!!!

Wow! Seems like ages I've written anything on my blog. Reading some old post here, how immature of me.. Maybe I still am.. *giggles*

Note to my old self:

Dear Miyoko the College Nerd Student:

1) You will not need to wear those ugly pair of pink Crocs that you loved so much any more. You are now a proud owner of many pairs of Charles&Keith and Clarks and Nine West and Guess.

2) If you think that ONE weird guy is weird. You'll meet a tons more.

3) No, you will not own a MacBook Pro because its still bloody expensive and I'm not willing to spend all my hard-earned money for this "fashion-accessory".

4) Yes, you will own a Burberry. That makes you officially an aunty susceptible by the temptation of  designer handbags by 24.

5) You will find your Jesse/ReedRichard/Edward/ChristianGrey. *wink wink* clue: you don't see him with your heart now but he was always there with you.

Toodles!! :D

1. Here's your cute crocs that turned into a fashion "mistake"ment.

2. Your "Cap-Plang" China "so-called-branded" Kipling Bag

 3. Behind that Weird Guy that was trying to take a selfie (before selfie was even a word) with your camera there was your Jesse..

Monday, May 6, 2013

Don't Play with Racial Cards

Scenario 1
“There are a lot of factors that occurred, effects from the support of the Chinese to BN. The tsunami that I mentioned earlier, this tsunami of the Chinese community, led to large numbers supporting the opposition,” Najib said.
Chinese Tsunami?

P124 Bandar Tun Razak, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim won majority of 11,832 votes over Tan Kok Eng.
P100 Pandan, Mohd Rafizi beat Lim Chin Yee with a majority of 26,729.
Khalid Ibrahim and Mohd Rafizi Chinese? Tan Kok Eng and Lim Chin Yee Malay?

Note that these areas are urban areas with significant Chinese voters.

Scenario 2
"I think all people in Gelang Patah know Lim Kit Siang. We know his history, he likes to move around, move from one place to another place. He is not quite loyal to his constituency. In addition, Johoreans, especially Gelang Patah people, know very well the politics practised by DAP which (itself) is divisive, racist and chauvinistic.” Muhyiddin made these remarks at a press conference after meeting more than 6,000 Chinese school heads and teachers in Johor Baru this afternoon.

“DAP is divisive, racist and chauvinistic.” So, MCA is not? MCA is compromised by ALL-CHINESE members.

P51 Bukit Gelugor MP, Karpal Singh represents DAP and won with a a majority of 41,778.
P46 Batu Kawan MP, Kasthuriraani represents DAP and won with a majority of 25,962.
P48 Bukit Bendera MP, Zairil Khir Johari represents DAP and won with a majority of 32,778.

Are they Chinese too?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Horsemanship 101 - Life Lesson One

Thou shall never acquire trust through anger or force.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Singapore GP 2012

This year we decided to take a slightly cheaper tickets compare to 2011 on Bay Grandstands. Just to sit our butt on some chairs. 

Buying the tickets were hectic. There were so many colors to choose from. Can you see the big screen TV from your seat? In a F1-Fanatic way, do you want to see acceleration? Or deceleration and braking?
So I said, lets seat above the tunnel..!! There's likely to have an accident there. (Confession: We F1 fans just want to watch, multi-million carbon fibers blown to smithereens, that's what we paid for right?) So, I thought it was a good choice, but it wasn't. The accident occurred below us. Anyways, it was just a small accident, no biggy. Narain Karthikayan hitting the wall. Anyhu, we didn't take many pictures. But here are a few. 

Ours seats. 

Marina Bay Sands at twilight 

Singapore City at twilight

Marina Bay Sands at night. 

Jay Chou on Friday, Maroon 5 on Saturday and Katy Perry on Sunday!


We decided to rent a FanVision, to listen to Mark Brundell clearer. (The 2012 design is aesthetically much better than 2011 ) 

There was a driver's parade on Sunday.

Seats were full on Sunday!

The Tunnel!

This the place where Narain Karthikayan hit his car. 

Taking picture at the scene of the crime

And finally, my review of Bay Grandstands. (Zone 3)

- Value for money, you get to rest your tired legs.
- Food Stalls at Zone 3, you don't need to berebut with the a sea of people at Zone 4.
- There are stalls selling official merchandises but limited designs.
- Able to access Zone 3 from Marina Square.

- Seats at small and close to each other. (I picked the sides and the last row to avoid suffocation)
- No access to Zone 1 and 2. (No Popeyes or Gelato Ice-creams)
- The FanVision Booth is located far away at Zone 4. The tiny FanVision stall at Zone 3 runs out of stock pretty quickly.
- Seriously damn congested after each races like seriously, seriously. 

- Pick Dark Blue for Acceleration or Dark Green Deceleration. No point picking Yellow, the straights is so short, you hardly see any top speed. 
- Buy early, seat nearer. (Seating selection is automated, if you are alone, its easier to get front seats)
- Pick seats near to big screen TV if you have no plans to rent a FanVision (not available in 2013).
- (Top Tip) After Sunday race, turn right and go on to the track to avoid congestion. 
- Last but not lease, bring earplugs and raincoat.