Monday, November 23, 2009

Memoirs of An Iceman

This is really sad news. Kimi Raikkonen has no place in next year's 2010 Grand Prix. All because of two people... B@#&!@^ Fernando Alonso and Ferarri's current team principle,Stefano Domenicali. I'm really upset of this news... Kimi Raikkonen is a great driver !! Give him a car and i'll just race in it. Just because he does not have superb P.R skills like Hamilton, doesn't mean that he's a stuck-up driver.

Now, his future is unknown. He said that he would take a 1 year break from his Formula One Carreer, but who knows what will happen a year after that. Would he continue to persue his Rallying and not rejoin back Formula One ?

And Fernando Alonso is nothing but a job stealer. I thought he dislike Michael Schumacher and the entire Ferrari team back in 2007 when he was the WORLD CHAMPION.. And now he claims that he's fully commited to Ferrari. (my foot!)

However, I'm still supporting Felipe ! Go Go ! Hope you'll be fit as a fiddle next year ! and good luck with your new team mate. =.=

Sighs......I bit farwell to you Kimi, please return in 2011. We'll be waiting for you !

Ms BellaS , I'm joining you in the Sebastian Vettel Fan Club next year !! haha !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

More mind boggling rubics !!

Nice to see...
Nice to hold...
Once tried to solve it...
The mind exploded !

If 3x3 or 5x5 rubic cube is consider a child's toy... Try this newest edition of Star Rubic ! Guarantee to give a big headache... hahaha !!