Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facebook, the root of all evils..

I, me, moi, like all the other normal red blooded senior-teenager, signed-up for a facebook account in 2008.. I'm a Generation Z, and according to wikipedia, "Generation Z is highly connected, many of this generation have had lifelong use of communications and media technologies such as theWorld Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 players, mobile phones and YouTube."
If you think this is great news because it eliminates communication barriers, everyone is in touch with one another, "i-got-more-friends-because-i-have-a thousand-friends-on facebook", well...think again... My ahmo-lang BC teacher once asked out class, how many friends do we have on facebook? i proudly said it out, i have 200++ friends...! Then he asked us again, how many of them do you keep in touch with? Erm... I would say maybe less than 20...? On the other hand, my teacher is a "saint". He claims that he has only 50 friends and he's bold about it. He sends them PERSONALIZE (not templates) Christmas greeting to all of them every year and keeps in touch with ALL of them..! Yesh, in Malaysia, if you have 25 friends, this is either your fake account that you never use or people would just ROFL (web language short for Roll-On-Floor-Laughing, English translation, Laughed)... It is reported in the newspapers that Malaysian has the highest number of Facebook Friends with an average of 233 friends..! Read is more here :

I'm not proud of my friend list. BUT I ADMIT IN BROAD daylight that... Because I want to have a normal facebook page, I add and accept friends that I've at lease seen before......... somewhere.. I respect my teacher, I would be a saint too if I were to have a facebook friends list that i trully-really-absolutely-immensely associate with... But I confess again, i'm unable to do so.. Can You?

I belong in Generation Z and I acknowledge that cant live without facebook... The inquisitiveness is too intense....But I wont allow Mark Zuckenburg college project to take over my life ! muahaha !! lets see how long my vow would last..

Let me list down why Facebook destroys people's life:

- You've seen something that you shouldn't seen...!
- Your ex has a new "friend"....
- Your bestfriend added your enemy...
- Your boss added your dad...
- You posted on Tan Sri's wall, saying "Yo bro..How's life !" (true story) (goodbye job)
- Someone posted a photo of you without any make up on...
- You posted a photo of a dinner that your friend wasn't invited to...
- You had to remove your ex's photos when the relationship turned sour...
- Your mom found you on facebook (nah..not a problem for me..)
-

oh well.. I'll just shoot that blue twitter bird down and buy myself a carrier pigeon instead.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kratos is my step-brother...! (God of War 3 Review)

Hah ! After 25 crazy hours of playtime and 2 playthrough I managed to obtain the Platinum Trophy for God Of War 3 ! Any longer and i'm going to get Finger Arthrits. Since I spent 25 waking hours, I'm going to write a review on it for anyone out there wants to achieve full 100% game completion.

If you're indolent to do so, read the summary below,

1) Play on God Mode (Hard) if you're aiming for 1 playthrough. (BEWARE, not failing or dying in the labyrinth and beating the Cerberus Breeder is a pain in the bowel...!!)

2) Print a version of the "locations of chests and godly possessions". Most reliable guide : Collect Minatour Horns, Pheonix Feather, Gorgon Eyes (just need 12 for each), and ALL the Godly Possessions..

3) Level-up/Upgrade Blades of Exile and Nemean Cestus first before other weapons.

4) After obtaining the Bow of Apollo, just keep burning 100 different enemies till you receive the It's getting hot in here....Trophy.

5) After obtaining the Head of Helios, again, keep "shinning" 100 different enemies till you receive the Nice Tan throphy.

6) Right after defeating Hades, you will receive the Claws of Hades, in a room full of skeleton enemies, keeping using L1 and O to attack the enemies till you have a 1000 hit combo. Beware : Do not upgrade Claws of Hades and don't use R2,it stops spawning enemies. This would enable you to get the Hit Man trophy.

7) After seeing the Poseidon Princess, the next room is filled with dogs that spawns infine hounds.
Just press O to 50 different hounds and you'll receive the Obedient School trophy.

8) Make sure you rip apart one olympus sentry and three centaur general. Just click O when you see them.

9) Completely upgrade your weapons when you have enough red orbs before the end of the game.

10) After max upgrade the Claw of Hades, change different Souls from the weapon menu and toggle R2 for Souled Out Trophy.

P/S: To obtain the aMAZEd trophy, when you reach the labyrinth don't die or fail..! If you do, don't save or restart at checkpoint..!
Start all over again from the start of the labyrinth. If you still can't, go search on some tutorial videos on youtube..)

After beating the game, complete all five the Challenges of Olympus. Again, search on youtube for some handy tutorial videos.

Basically, all the other trophies are related to the story or are very hard to be missed...!

My advise,
1 Hard God Mode Playthrough if you're an expert..
1 Easy Spartan Mode and 1 Hard God Mode if you're new...
1 Medium Titan Mode and 1 Hard God Mode if you're so-so... (like me)
1 God Mode and 1 Chaos Mode if you're insane..!

Gambateh ! or rather "Hope is what makes a strong, it is what we fight with when all else is lost".