Thursday, March 3, 2011

Executive Summary

Pets Roaming Collar is a state-of-the-art animal collar designed to surmount problems that most pet owners face today. The collar is incorporated with advanced technology such as Perimeter Control to limit pet from going beyond the boundaries established by the owner. The product offers additional features such as a GPS tracker and a microchip for identification. Pet owners would benefit by using this product because it eliminates the responsibility of daily dog walking and reduces the trepidation of losing the beloved pet.
As an established company in providing Global-Positioning-System devices, Garmin is a prominent brand recognized by consumers worldwide. Through branding, the company posses the potential opportunity to expand their target market to pet owners, in addition to aviation and marine division. Based on a recent analysis on market segmentation, The Pet Roaming Collar shows positive response and owns the aptitude to appeal pet owners worldwide.
Garmin’s Pet Roaming Collar marketing strategy emphasize on the quality of pet product by providing total comfort before technology development. Before producing the product to the market, various techniques of idea generation was utilize to identify the demand of pet’s technology products. Subsequently, ideas were then evaluated to determine the feasibility of the product to be introduced to the market.