Friday, October 3, 2008

Ugly Malaysian

I'm starting to realize how ugly Malaysian is today. I don't mean physically. Although, malaysian has been ugly for the past 45 years (since the formation of m'sia)
I, myself, just started to realize and concur it just a few weeks ago. Here's my experience...

Queuing-Up Is Only For People Who Has ALL The Time In The World !!!!!

WE (m'sian) has a certain problem in lining-up in a straight line and wait for OUR turn. WE have to be patience. WE, has been colonized by the British for hundreds of years. Most of the school's systems are based on the British. Need prove? We wear uniform to school unlike the Americans. We line-up during assembly. This has been implemented since kindergarden till Form5/6.
Venue: Post-Office
Offence: While I was lining up to wait for my turn, some UNCLE in a white polo shirt with an unpleasant odour, without even noticing my presents (I'M INVINCIBLE GIRL!) pushed me aside and went to the counter. Thankfully, the guy behind the counter noticed it and said to the UNCLE "please wait for your turn".

Venue: Train
Offence: Every seat next to the door of public transports has a notice which goes "Please offer your seats for those who need it more than you". I saw a vision impaired man walking in with another lady and this teenage boy with a black T-shirt who was seating on the seat next to the door. Yeap. It was as if I was watching those Kempen Budi Bahasa Advertisement. Exactly !!! Thankfully, (again) another man with a beard next to him stand up and offered the seat.

Venue: Fast-food Counter
Offense: The girl cashier wasn't any friendly. She had this big anger on her face that could explode in any seconds. I ordered a "original combo" but she gave me "original". I told her I wanted a "original combo" not "original". She started show a even angrier expression on her face and complained to her colleague "She ordered "original" then want to change to "original combo" can't tell earlier is it. blah blah blah blah" AND I was still standing there, INFRONT of her, listening... ! Then her colleague said "She ordered Orginal Combo! You did not hear clearly!" Even my mom said I ordered Original COMBO ! Excuse me.. Customer Service??

Venue: On The Road
Offense : We are all barbarian on the road. We speed, we cut, we show various body language that we should install a loud speaker and microphone into our cars. It's worst went it comes to Parking. As the car industries BLOOM, more and more cars hit the road. Therefore, parking the car becomes a problem. Here's a hypothesis. As the cars increases, the parking spaces decreases. My mom's experience, my mom wanted to park this parking space. So she needed to reverse in order to take the parking space. The MPV behind her refuse to reverse his car eventhough my mom has the reverse light on. When my mom gave up and drove away, the MPV took the parking space instead..

Venue: 5 Star Hotel, general meeting
Offfence: Every general meeting, there's free food for the guests. We are all very familiar with the "take-away method". Food that we can't finish, we "ta-pao" home. So, we don't waste. What do most of us do? We chuck ALL the food we can grab on the buffet line into our bags and take home to enjoy !!