Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Nick !

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Another driver has departed from the world of Formula One. It's so depressing seeing them leaving one after another.. Besides being irresistibly cute, Nick has brought many funny yet unforgettable moments...

Youtube memories of Nick that can never be forgotten...!

Young Nick !

I loved this BMW Sauber Ad back in 2007! and I'm still loving it..!

...and some laugh out loud moments...!

P/S: WHYYYYYY !!! whyyyyy mustttt theyyyy alllll leaaaveee !!!? and he's leaving for Pirelli ??!! why why ?!?! isn't being a test driver for Mercedes great??! well.. not that great but..... ttthey are all German's anyway...!!! come baccckkkk !!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Burger Burger Burger !!

When you do go to Singapore, dont forget to visit Burger King or Carl's Junior... ! Sadly, Burger King Singapore is now Halal Certified. You won't find Lard or Pork Burger at Burger King, but the Turkey BQQ Bacon Burger is the finest !! I can eat it everyday at S'pore !
Carl's Junior in Singapore serves REAL BACON BURGER !! No ** that says Chicken Bacon or Beef Bacon !
I was snapping pictures away at the fast food outlets and people in S'pore thinks that I've never seen a burger in my life before...

BBQ Turkey Double vs BBQ Turkey Singles

..and this is the REAL WESTERN CHARBOILED BACON BURGER from Carl's Jr...!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brainstorming - Minda Ribut

Eccentric views of charismatic leaders may influence the idea generation in a conglomeration. The brainstorming method poses equals advantages and disadvantage depending on the situation. It is vital that product generators do not consist solely of heterogeneous groups. Selections of these generators must be highly articulate to avoid disorganization or confusion in the discussion circle. Ideas generated should be lucid and any infrigment of issues should unquestionably be avoided. Consensus are achieved before the completion of the congregation..

hah ! my evening classes paid off..!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Formula One Catch-ups...

Ooolala….Let's discuss the latest news that revolves around Formula One...

The Fued Between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Mark Webber is considered as a senior in F1. He has been in Formula One since 2002. He knows all the what's what and who's who in F1. He is what we called an experienced driver. Where else, Sebastian Vettel is a young talented race car driver. Much younger and has a large fan base. Has only been in Formula One sector for only three years and was named the youngest formula one driver to win a race.
It's quite common to see team mates to have confrontation with each other. Remember Hamilton and Alonso? And with all the politicking in the world of Formula One, both drivers would want to impress their "employer" or sponsors if they want to stay in the game.
The stint they did in Turkey was quite entertaining.. The maneuver ended Vettel's chance to win the race and Webber managed to make it to the pits with a broken wing but came in third behind their arch nemesis, McLaren.

Vettel : I'm way faster than you, old man ! Move over !
Webber: Who are you calling old man ?!
*touch* (as you can see, if you're going like 300km per hour, the slightest touch will cost the sponsors millions of dollars)
Webber: you clipped my front wing !! (Estimated damage USD 50k)
Vettel : lucky for you, my engine just died !! (Estimate cost to replace the engine USD 1 million)

who's the victim?
RedBull Marketing Manager: Arghh ! Now, I have to increase my redbull sales !!

Another Problem With Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

Hah ! I knew this would happen ! I really sympathize with Massa. It's like "Michael Schumacher-Rubens Barrichello" all over again.. Forced to let your team mate over take you? That's the worst insult a race car can get. If it were Kimi Raikkonen, I guess he would say, "I dont give a !@#$". The Ferraris are smart alright.

Team Radio : "Fernando is faster than you ! Do you understand?!"

Well, duh ?! Who don't understand what that statement mean? The race stewards aren't dumb people.. Or maybe they are? A one hundred thousand dollar fine does not serve them justice..! Demote him 3 places down should be the way..! I demand a new legislation !

FIA officer: Er? Who are you to demand? Bernie?

Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata

The famous couple has..... Broke-up. Wait… They are back together again.. Eh.. No, they’re not.. Yes they are…!! Ahh.. Celebrity couples…... At lease she don’t jump around in the garage like that Hamilton's girlfriend, Nicole "something-something".

Michael Schumacher

No comments...

World Rally Championship and Kimi Raikkonen

He looks pretty happy in Rally. Changing his own tires and digging the snow on his own.
Away from all the politics and media attentions. Ahh.. I missed his "kimi-raikkonen-attitude".

Sakon Yamamoto is BACK !!

HAHAHA !! I remembered Nick Heifield scolded the wrong person. He was confused between Yama and Sato... At a news interview, Sakon Yamamoto repllied in English with a heavy Japanese accent " I very understttanddd, he very eeeee-mo-tionalllll"