Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged PSP Modification

Phew.. I thought I'll never get my hands on the new rock band game on the psp.. My psp started to give me "there are no games" after I placed the rock band file inside. And I thought my PSP had a Virus !!! NO wonder my friend actually LOL!!!!!!
when I told him my about my PSP...
ME : OH no !! Can you believe it?! My PSP got a virus !!
KG : What??!!! what happened??
ME : After I donwloaded Rock Band into my PSP, all my other games , GONE !!
KG : HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!!!! That's not a virus !!!!! It's just a technical glitch...
ME : =.=

And so, I didnt play Rock Band because everytime I download it into my psp, my games are gone and I have to reformat my memory card again and again...

Thanks to Google, I managed to find the solution and I'm sharing it with you Rock Band fans out there...!

The PROBLEM: rock band automatically deletes the GAME Folder. Therefore, the PSP will display "there are no games"

To fix this problem.. First, connect your psp to your computer. from your pc, create a .txt file or create/dump/copy/cut "any" file inside the GAME file..

any file would do.. a mp3 or a doc file will do the trick. an empty .txt is preferred because it absolutely takes up no space at all.

And TADA !!!! Your rockband is working and your psp is as HAPPY AS A CLAM !

*sings* A.B.C. its easy as 1.2.3 *sings*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PS2 & PS3 Final Fantasy Tech Demo

Gosh.. I remembered the last time I saw SquareEnix showing off PlayStation2's graphics capabilities, I was like......... WAHHH !!!
Because at that time, we were comparing PS1 and PS2...
Computer graphics has come and gone a long way. With Japan, game console graphics has improved dramatically.
My dad used to tell me, when he was at my age, there were only games like PONG, a table tennis video game in monochrome (it's the same one as seen in the movie "wall-e")
Then, there were the revolutionary Space Invaders !! Where you shoot shoot shoot all the aliens spacecraft. The theme song was "deng deng deng dengdeng dengdeng dengggggggggggg............." Those days, they were like FINAL FANTASY 13 to me ! LOL ! I can't imagine living in those days..

Here's a video comparison between the Opening Sequence Of Final Fantasy VII in a PS1 and a PS3 ~~

No no no.. its not a ff7 remake.... its only a technical demo.

Monday, July 13, 2009

when your psp is only as useful as a brick..

I can't imagine this happening to my psp..
I know how much I love my psp when the day I lost my phone, I wasn't sad, and I said , "phew, luckily I didnt lose my psp...

Friday, July 3, 2009

FFX International

I've been playing FFX International in Japanese all this while and it never occur to me that at the beginning of the game, you could choose the type of sphere grid (International Version or Original Version) and language (Japanese or English)... All because the questions were asked in Japanese ! I would do like any Japanese-Language-Handicap would do.... *A.E.I.O.U* which answer would I pick....
Thankfully, eventhough I wrongly picked Japanese but the subtitles were in English ! At lease I knew what was going on. But, till now, I'm not sure whether I picked the International Sphere Grid or the Original Sphere Grid....
I recently found out about it and also the translation. For those who suffered the same faith as me, here's a chance to replay your Final Fantasy X in your desired configurations.

1. "Which Sphere Grid would you like to use?"
- Original version
- International version(After choosing "Original version"...)
2. "Original version Sphere Grid, is this okay?"
- Yes
- No(Or after choosing "International version"...)
2. "International version Sphere Grid, is this okay?"
- Yes
- No
3. "Please select which language you'd like to play in?" (Note: This question solely influences which language the Zanarkand sequence is played in.)
- Japanese
- English