Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm quite disturbed by the recent political issue and racial issue, here in Malaysia. I think its really getting out of hand. It has gone too far. It all started with the protesting, then the general election, then the mercedes-benz case, then the P.Pauh election, then now, ITS DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN. and i mean the mei 13 thing.. Of course, we are more civilized now but there are still un-civilized adults out there. Yes, I'm talking about MR. FLAG HILL. Whom, I believe that he is the father of MR. KURRY JAMBU-UDIN, in another dimension. They both do carry a great awful resemblance.. So what are they doing??? The possible answer, trying to put their name into history text books?

Anyway, the government actually should consider sending him to National Service. Since the main purpose of N.S is to create perpaduan antara kaum (integration between races) (O.o)
its really silly that they want to educate the childrens when the politician are acting like THAT?
example: heavy smoker dad advise his son not to smoke because smoking is BAADD !! (x.x)

The most silly thing is, Mr Flag Hill seems to like songs like Apologize by One Republic (it's too late to apologize..... itTOoOOOoo Laatteeee) and the classic song by Elton John (sorry seems to be the hardest words)

MR FLAG HILL has a raher odd desire for NASI KANDAR... At the way he's acting now, maybe he's trying to get free Nasi Kandar? (o.0)??

My main point here is, we as MALAYSIAN, (my definition of Malaysian are those who wants to remain peace and harmony), stay calm... be peaceful.... don't be overwhelmed... make jokes about them (*hahahahaha !! that guy on TV is so funny...)

maybe we should just throw him into a biodiesel factory to produce some "environmental friendly" substance that could save,.....1 liter of fuel?? hey, that could save 2 ringgit you know !!

p/s : Names are changed NOT due to privacy concerns but to keep me away from arrested to "Peaceful Hill"

Friday, September 5, 2008

My CLOUD has arrived !!!

Finally, the Cloud Strife has arrived !! AND in one piece well... not exactly.... 1 head, 2 legs, 1 sword and 5 hands...
Just as the seller promised.... It would arrived about 7-14 days...! It came on the 12th day... but sadly, the box that came with it was in quite a bad condition.. I would blame on the MALAYSIAN CUSTOM !! Open the box and never even bothered to put it back nicely... So, when it came, the box was 20percent damaged !!! Now its not even in mint condition.. CIS.. geram betul... But, you win some you lost some, right? But the best part is that my grandma didn't even complain a single bit ! She was also exited about Cloud !! Seriously, she took Cloud and bent his leg 90 degrees backwards. (x.x)... Hope she didnt broke his leg...

Monday, September 1, 2008

my one and only PSP !!!

yes... I love my PSP... I SAYANG my PSP... I'm not the only one who is in love with the PSP. My classmate, JC calls her PSP, "darling"... Yeap.. I am obsessed with our PSP.

Here's my CURRENT top 5 favorite PSP games...

5th - Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City (with cheat codes)

It's about a guy named Toni, trying to earn a living by being a mafia. Overall, I think he's a good guy at heart. I would say this game is BORING if I didn't key in the cheat codes. It's almost impossible to complete missions without cheat codes due to lagging.

4th - Virtua Tennis 3

Basically, in world tour, you start off as a tennis player ranked 300th. You have to win tournaments to be on the top. You can also play mini-games to level-up your skills. Most of all, in tournament you get to play with famous tennis players. FEDEX, NADAL, FERRERO etc..etc...

Ferderer sent a mail to me for a practice !!

3th - Burnout: Dominator

This is the best racing game for the PSP. I think that its better than Need For Speed Carbon. If car racing games is not your cup of tea. I recommend WipeOut: Pulse. A Future Aircraft Racing Game.

2nd - God of War : Chains of Olympus

Graphics !! And I just love the story line. Krados the Spartan God. muahahaha !! Of course, its is one of the most violent games on the PSP. (not suitable for children below 12 years old, ok?)

and the bad side? this game is sooooooo short !! and its game size is 1GB !! Make sure you appreciate the game !

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core (call me buyers...i'm a FF fan-atic, okies? >< )

It evolves before the original FF7. When, Sephiroth is STILL a good guy. Cloud is still a SOLDIER 3rD CLASS. And AERITH is alive ! I spare the suspends. Check it out for yourself !