Monday, January 12, 2015

Note to 13 Year Old Miyoko

Dear 13 Year Old Self, 

- Congratulations, you have upgraded to secondary school. 
- I admire your determination to go into a complete new school with zero friends.
- Until now, I still don't know why you left your good old primary school buddies for a strange new "Cina" secondary school. 
- Mum and Dad don't know why either. 
- You will meet new friends. Some you would keep in touch until now. 
- Grandma still tie your hair into two pony tails? So cute. ^^
- Cry less my dear. Save your tears for more important things. 
- Be strong, my love. 
- You should pay more attention to Mathematics class. 
- Yes, you will get your phone before your 18th birthday. Don't worry. Technology is blooming. 

Your 24 Year Old Self