Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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Both These Sentences Are In Past Simple Tense.

A Man Bit A Dog. (Active)

A Dog Was Bitten By a Man. (Passive)

Explain the Following Tenses and construct a sentences based on the tenses..

Present Simple
She is highly articulate.

Present Tense
I do know about the catastrophic disaster of global warming.

Present Continuous Tense
I am doing menial work.

Present Prefect Tense
I have done my research on the gravity of human trafficking.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense
I have been doing replication of antiques.

Past Perfect
I had done all the possible method required to complete the task.

Future Simple
He will be attending the following events.

Modal Passive
You should be going home.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense
I will have been doing free seminars.

The Grass is Always Greener On the Other Side

Promoneade was the station I disembarked,
Once out of the underground station,
the sun has begun to set,
clouds were beginning to shield the dark blue,
automobiles flood pass infront of me,
a giant observation wheel is visible on the far left,
against the sky blue background ahead,
one will not disregard three prestigious skyscrapers,
I stop and ponder at the magnificent architecture.