Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I feel inspired to write something... hahaha

I vowed to never fall back to the pits of darkness...
Consumed by hatred, anger and fear....
To have sleepless nights and fury days....
Feelings I hope that I will never relive...

Time will heal as...
Days then looked brighter...
In search of a sunrise, unicorns appeared(? HAHAHAHA)
Never again will I fall back into the darkness..

Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog Revival!!!

Wow! Seems like ages I've written anything on my blog. Reading some old post here, how immature of me.. Maybe I still am.. *giggles*

Note to my old self:

Dear Miyoko the College Nerd Student:

1) You will not need to wear those ugly pair of pink Crocs that you loved so much any more. You are now a proud owner of many pairs of Charles&Keith and Clarks and Nine West and Guess.

2) If you think that ONE weird guy is weird. You'll meet a tons more.

3) No, you will not own a MacBook Pro because its still bloody expensive and I'm not willing to spend all my hard-earned money for this "fashion-accessory".

4) Yes, you will own a Burberry. That makes you officially an aunty susceptible by the temptation of  designer handbags by 24.

5) You will find your Jesse/ReedRichard/Edward/ChristianGrey. *wink wink* clue: you don't see him with your heart now but he was always there with you.

Toodles!! :D

1. Here's your cute crocs that turned into a fashion "mistake"ment.

2. Your "Cap-Plang" China "so-called-branded" Kipling Bag

 3. Behind that Weird Guy that was trying to take a selfie (before selfie was even a word) with your camera there was your Jesse..