Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facebook, the root of all evils..

I, me, moi, like all the other normal red blooded senior-teenager, signed-up for a facebook account in 2008.. I'm a Generation Z, and according to wikipedia, "Generation Z is highly connected, many of this generation have had lifelong use of communications and media technologies such as theWorld Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 players, mobile phones and YouTube."
If you think this is great news because it eliminates communication barriers, everyone is in touch with one another, "i-got-more-friends-because-i-have-a thousand-friends-on facebook", well...think again... My ahmo-lang BC teacher once asked out class, how many friends do we have on facebook? i proudly said it out, i have 200++ friends...! Then he asked us again, how many of them do you keep in touch with? Erm... I would say maybe less than 20...? On the other hand, my teacher is a "saint". He claims that he has only 50 friends and he's bold about it. He sends them PERSONALIZE (not templates) Christmas greeting to all of them every year and keeps in touch with ALL of them..! Yesh, in Malaysia, if you have 25 friends, this is either your fake account that you never use or people would just ROFL (web language short for Roll-On-Floor-Laughing, English translation, Laughed)... It is reported in the newspapers that Malaysian has the highest number of Facebook Friends with an average of 233 friends..! Read is more here :

I'm not proud of my friend list. BUT I ADMIT IN BROAD daylight that... Because I want to have a normal facebook page, I add and accept friends that I've at lease seen before......... somewhere.. I respect my teacher, I would be a saint too if I were to have a facebook friends list that i trully-really-absolutely-immensely associate with... But I confess again, i'm unable to do so.. Can You?

I belong in Generation Z and I acknowledge that cant live without facebook... The inquisitiveness is too intense....But I wont allow Mark Zuckenburg college project to take over my life ! muahaha !! lets see how long my vow would last..

Let me list down why Facebook destroys people's life:

- You've seen something that you shouldn't seen...!
- Your ex has a new "friend"....
- Your bestfriend added your enemy...
- Your boss added your dad...
- You posted on Tan Sri's wall, saying "Yo bro..How's life !" (true story) (goodbye job)
- Someone posted a photo of you without any make up on...
- You posted a photo of a dinner that your friend wasn't invited to...
- You had to remove your ex's photos when the relationship turned sour...
- Your mom found you on facebook (nah..not a problem for me..)
-

oh well.. I'll just shoot that blue twitter bird down and buy myself a carrier pigeon instead.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kratos is my step-brother...! (God of War 3 Review)

Hah ! After 25 crazy hours of playtime and 2 playthrough I managed to obtain the Platinum Trophy for God Of War 3 ! Any longer and i'm going to get Finger Arthrits. Since I spent 25 waking hours, I'm going to write a review on it for anyone out there wants to achieve full 100% game completion.

If you're indolent to do so, read the summary below,

1) Play on God Mode (Hard) if you're aiming for 1 playthrough. (BEWARE, not failing or dying in the labyrinth and beating the Cerberus Breeder is a pain in the bowel...!!)

2) Print a version of the "locations of chests and godly possessions". Most reliable guide : Collect Minatour Horns, Pheonix Feather, Gorgon Eyes (just need 12 for each), and ALL the Godly Possessions..

3) Level-up/Upgrade Blades of Exile and Nemean Cestus first before other weapons.

4) After obtaining the Bow of Apollo, just keep burning 100 different enemies till you receive the It's getting hot in here....Trophy.

5) After obtaining the Head of Helios, again, keep "shinning" 100 different enemies till you receive the Nice Tan throphy.

6) Right after defeating Hades, you will receive the Claws of Hades, in a room full of skeleton enemies, keeping using L1 and O to attack the enemies till you have a 1000 hit combo. Beware : Do not upgrade Claws of Hades and don't use R2,it stops spawning enemies. This would enable you to get the Hit Man trophy.

7) After seeing the Poseidon Princess, the next room is filled with dogs that spawns infine hounds.
Just press O to 50 different hounds and you'll receive the Obedient School trophy.

8) Make sure you rip apart one olympus sentry and three centaur general. Just click O when you see them.

9) Completely upgrade your weapons when you have enough red orbs before the end of the game.

10) After max upgrade the Claw of Hades, change different Souls from the weapon menu and toggle R2 for Souled Out Trophy.

P/S: To obtain the aMAZEd trophy, when you reach the labyrinth don't die or fail..! If you do, don't save or restart at checkpoint..!
Start all over again from the start of the labyrinth. If you still can't, go search on some tutorial videos on youtube..)

After beating the game, complete all five the Challenges of Olympus. Again, search on youtube for some handy tutorial videos.

Basically, all the other trophies are related to the story or are very hard to be missed...!

My advise,
1 Hard God Mode Playthrough if you're an expert..
1 Easy Spartan Mode and 1 Hard God Mode if you're new...
1 Medium Titan Mode and 1 Hard God Mode if you're so-so... (like me)
1 God Mode and 1 Chaos Mode if you're insane..!

Gambateh ! or rather "Hope is what makes a strong, it is what we fight with when all else is lost".

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Gosh... well.. since there's no post for this month. I'm just gonna post "something" !

formula one ??? yay !!! Vettel won the championship and not that FERNANDO ALONSO...! Therefore making Vettel the youngest formula one driver to win a world champion title..! A record previously held by Hamilton...

on another story, rumours has it that Sony would be releasing a Playstation Phone soon.. Sony however, refuse to comment on the issue... read more at

seriously, I am absolutely moodless to write anything.. darn assignments and exams...!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Raikonen's 2011 Predictions

Former Grand Prix Champion Kimi Raikkonen has to choose between a number of options for 2011 - both within rallying and Formula One.

Raikkonen has shown encouraging progress throughout his debut season in the World Rally Championship with Red Bull and the Citroen Junior Team, but his best result of the year so far remains fifth place on the Rally of Turkey back in April.

Now Raikkonen has been linked with other options for next year, both in rallying and Formula One. Neither Raikkonen nor Red Bull are ruling out an extension to the Finn’s one-year WRC deal with the Citroen Junior Team, although Red Bull’s plans are fluid pending confirmation of its sponsorship agreement with Citroen.

One intriguing possibility is for Raikkonen to switch energy drinks allegiance and move to the Monster World Rally Team alongside Ken Block next year in a Ford Fiesta WRC. Raikkonen and Block have struck up a good rapport, and Monster bosses believe that the maverick Raikkonen would fit their brand image perfectly.

Raikkonen has also had an approach from MINI, although his drive there would be a commercial deal - which could again be linked to Red Bull.

Renault’s Formula One team is additionally in discussion with the 30-year-old about his services for next year, with the French squad being Raikkonen’s only realistic option on the F1 grid next year.

Finally, a third possibility exists of Raikkonen either taking a sabbatical or retiring from motorsport totally - as he considered at this time last year when his future was uncertain.

Nonetheless the Finn says that he is no hurry to make up his mind - and that his preferred option would be to stay in the World Rally Championship. “I’m enjoying it so far, but I’ve not made up my mind what I’m doing yet,” said Raikkonen. “Quite soon I hope I will know but there is no rush.”

news taken from: FIA World Rally Championship

(I would predict that Kimi will be staying with Rally because he seems satisfied there. Eventhough the WRC has been dominated by Sebastian Loeb for years, I think with a little more time, Kimi would be able to climb his way to the top along side Loeb. I would prefer Kimi to drive alongside Ken Block (YES!!!! KEN BLOCK) with Ford than Mini. His exceptional talents are not to be used as commercial values..! Whichever team he picks either in Rally or Formula One , I just hope he wont quit from motorsports...! )

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the sovereign of the summer fey

~my describtion on the Summer King~

He, the King of Summer, was ravishing but somehow incongruous with reality. His voice was lilting, harmonious to the gentle rustling of leaves sounding more musical with each syllable. One could smell the scent of wildflowers and a taste of midsummer in his presence. He, albeit all the warmth and comfort, was undeniably terrifying.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

me likey lil' shiny thingy

This post is dedicated specially to my third yeeyee for this beautiful little pendant..! no spoilers.. only photographed the paper bag.. XD

Friday, September 10, 2010

Treble Clef and Bass Clef

I own two pianos, one digital and the other a upright piano. Although many say I should be grateful that have the best of two worlds, sadly, I'm not... The upright piano is an antique circa 1920s. It's a priceless antique where no one would want to buy. The mechanism inside the piano is too rusty to fix, and replacing all those mechanism would cost more than a thousand bucks. Well, you can't fix it nor throw it out because its an antique.

Then, there's my trusty o' digital Piano of 15 years. The technology is so outdated that it still uses Floppy Disk and Midi Sounds. Recently, I went to this Piano Fair in KLCC, the newest generation of Digital Piano has a USB Drive where you can load your piano scores into the LCD screen. You can even compose your own song by just playing it on the piano and it automatically produce the piano score on to the screen...! Pretty cool, huh ? Technology is great but Digital Pianos aren't really pratical. It destroys the "natural" feeling of playing the piano. The sounds are digitally produced by a software..

I love both of my pianos, I have great memories with them. I want a normal upright piano, but I don't have the heart to change either of my old pianos. I can't have three pianos in my house either.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Nick !

picture courtesy by

Another driver has departed from the world of Formula One. It's so depressing seeing them leaving one after another.. Besides being irresistibly cute, Nick has brought many funny yet unforgettable moments...

Youtube memories of Nick that can never be forgotten...!

Young Nick !

I loved this BMW Sauber Ad back in 2007! and I'm still loving it..!

...and some laugh out loud moments...!

P/S: WHYYYYYY !!! whyyyyy mustttt theyyyy alllll leaaaveee !!!? and he's leaving for Pirelli ??!! why why ?!?! isn't being a test driver for Mercedes great??! well.. not that great but..... ttthey are all German's anyway...!!! come baccckkkk !!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Burger Burger Burger !!

When you do go to Singapore, dont forget to visit Burger King or Carl's Junior... ! Sadly, Burger King Singapore is now Halal Certified. You won't find Lard or Pork Burger at Burger King, but the Turkey BQQ Bacon Burger is the finest !! I can eat it everyday at S'pore !
Carl's Junior in Singapore serves REAL BACON BURGER !! No ** that says Chicken Bacon or Beef Bacon !
I was snapping pictures away at the fast food outlets and people in S'pore thinks that I've never seen a burger in my life before...

BBQ Turkey Double vs BBQ Turkey Singles

..and this is the REAL WESTERN CHARBOILED BACON BURGER from Carl's Jr...!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brainstorming - Minda Ribut

Eccentric views of charismatic leaders may influence the idea generation in a conglomeration. The brainstorming method poses equals advantages and disadvantage depending on the situation. It is vital that product generators do not consist solely of heterogeneous groups. Selections of these generators must be highly articulate to avoid disorganization or confusion in the discussion circle. Ideas generated should be lucid and any infrigment of issues should unquestionably be avoided. Consensus are achieved before the completion of the congregation..

hah ! my evening classes paid off..!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Formula One Catch-ups...

Ooolala….Let's discuss the latest news that revolves around Formula One...

The Fued Between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Mark Webber is considered as a senior in F1. He has been in Formula One since 2002. He knows all the what's what and who's who in F1. He is what we called an experienced driver. Where else, Sebastian Vettel is a young talented race car driver. Much younger and has a large fan base. Has only been in Formula One sector for only three years and was named the youngest formula one driver to win a race.
It's quite common to see team mates to have confrontation with each other. Remember Hamilton and Alonso? And with all the politicking in the world of Formula One, both drivers would want to impress their "employer" or sponsors if they want to stay in the game.
The stint they did in Turkey was quite entertaining.. The maneuver ended Vettel's chance to win the race and Webber managed to make it to the pits with a broken wing but came in third behind their arch nemesis, McLaren.

Vettel : I'm way faster than you, old man ! Move over !
Webber: Who are you calling old man ?!
*touch* (as you can see, if you're going like 300km per hour, the slightest touch will cost the sponsors millions of dollars)
Webber: you clipped my front wing !! (Estimated damage USD 50k)
Vettel : lucky for you, my engine just died !! (Estimate cost to replace the engine USD 1 million)

who's the victim?
RedBull Marketing Manager: Arghh ! Now, I have to increase my redbull sales !!

Another Problem With Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

Hah ! I knew this would happen ! I really sympathize with Massa. It's like "Michael Schumacher-Rubens Barrichello" all over again.. Forced to let your team mate over take you? That's the worst insult a race car can get. If it were Kimi Raikkonen, I guess he would say, "I dont give a !@#$". The Ferraris are smart alright.

Team Radio : "Fernando is faster than you ! Do you understand?!"

Well, duh ?! Who don't understand what that statement mean? The race stewards aren't dumb people.. Or maybe they are? A one hundred thousand dollar fine does not serve them justice..! Demote him 3 places down should be the way..! I demand a new legislation !

FIA officer: Er? Who are you to demand? Bernie?

Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata

The famous couple has..... Broke-up. Wait… They are back together again.. Eh.. No, they’re not.. Yes they are…!! Ahh.. Celebrity couples…... At lease she don’t jump around in the garage like that Hamilton's girlfriend, Nicole "something-something".

Michael Schumacher

No comments...

World Rally Championship and Kimi Raikkonen

He looks pretty happy in Rally. Changing his own tires and digging the snow on his own.
Away from all the politics and media attentions. Ahh.. I missed his "kimi-raikkonen-attitude".

Sakon Yamamoto is BACK !!

HAHAHA !! I remembered Nick Heifield scolded the wrong person. He was confused between Yama and Sato... At a news interview, Sakon Yamamoto repllied in English with a heavy Japanese accent " I very understttanddd, he very eeeee-mo-tionalllll"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


.....someone please give me a break.....

Both These Sentences Are In Past Simple Tense.

A Man Bit A Dog. (Active)

A Dog Was Bitten By a Man. (Passive)

Explain the Following Tenses and construct a sentences based on the tenses..

Present Simple
She is highly articulate.

Present Tense
I do know about the catastrophic disaster of global warming.

Present Continuous Tense
I am doing menial work.

Present Prefect Tense
I have done my research on the gravity of human trafficking.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense
I have been doing replication of antiques.

Past Perfect
I had done all the possible method required to complete the task.

Future Simple
He will be attending the following events.

Modal Passive
You should be going home.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense
I will have been doing free seminars.

The Grass is Always Greener On the Other Side

Promoneade was the station I disembarked,
Once out of the underground station,
the sun has begun to set,
clouds were beginning to shield the dark blue,
automobiles flood pass infront of me,
a giant observation wheel is visible on the far left,
against the sky blue background ahead,
one will not disregard three prestigious skyscrapers,
I stop and ponder at the magnificent architecture.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When taste matters and the ambiance does not..

"Do not judge a food by its location..." That was what I learned from a restaurant that my grandfparents "kaki-lang" introduced to us.

"What? Pudu Plaza? You mean that old-old building in Pudu? We're eating there for dinner tonight?" , I told my mom that very evening. My perspective still skeptical.

We arrived at Pudu Plaza with 3 cars, all 13 of us... not really comfortable with the surrounding.

At first, we thought it wouldnt be that bad since my grandfather said the entire restaurant was FULLY BOOKED last week. We only could get a table a week after. So, I would imagined that the place would be packed with hungry customers.


It was no restaurant.! No crystal chandelier and no ceramic tableware..! It's was a food court..!

Believe it or not.. There were only four tables.. that was why it was FULLY BOOKED last week !

The creepy rusted door and rats with the size of a cat didnt help much either..

But when the food came, its was huge and fitted for a king !

But the quality of the food, is no joke ! One whiff and it brings back memories from the 80s..!
Eventhough I wasn't born in that era, but I know, the food is good..! The cook is a pro ! He worked at a five star restaurant during the 80s...(assumption)

I shall stop explaning, and let the photos do the talking !

....melamine tableware...

..the creepy door...

..the visible kitchen...

....this is what they meant by FULLY BOOKED....

...1st dish, seriously, its huge !

...even the scallop is huge for its size...

... I unofficially call this dish as the fis-ken, looks like chicken but its actually a combination of fish paste and chicken meat, two thumbs up !. ...

... the best pai kuat(pork ribs) I've ever tasted, with Singapore's Tony Romas Quality !....

... XXL Prawn Noodles for a very reasonable price !.....

For desserts, the Yam Cake is a must try, it was too yummy and I forgot to the pictures of it..

P/S : If you're looking for a place with a real authentic chinese dinner but minus the fancy chandeliers, I totally recommend this place -
Hiong Kong Restaurant @ Pudu Plaza, Basement Level...
Call Master Chef Wong @ 012- 6677944 (Reservation is compulsory)
(Beware of China Dolls)

Still doubtful? Then you should definitely check out this article..

bluntly, bluntness, un·blunt·ed ?

Please state the similar meaning of the word below and match the following word that is frequently used..


Meaning: James Blunt ?? The politician's words were blunt ?? Blunt movement..? wth...

(the examinar must be laughing all his way to the sanitarium .. "blunt movement..." =.=)

having an obtuse, think, or dull edge or point; rounded; not sharp :
blunt pencil/blunt instrument

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karangan Jenis Cereka

Tulis sebuah karangan yang menarik berdasarkan permulaan cerita di bawah.

Pada petang itu, Azri, Siva dan Ah Lim pergi ke pondol usang di tepi belukar itu. Kedengaran suara beberapa orang pemuda yang amat mencurigakan. Azri, Siva dan Ah Limpun terlihat tiga orang pemuda sedang menyuntik dadah. Mereka ingin melihat dengan lebih dekat lagi tetapi seorang pemuda ternampak mereka. Azri dan Ah Lim berusaha melarikan diri tetapi Siva terjatuh . Azri and Ah Lim ingin menyelamatkan Siva tetapi Siva ditangkap oleh tiga pemuda itu.

Selepas itu, salah seorang pemuda berkata "Kalau kau tak mahu kawanmu dibunuh, jangan beritahu polis. Kalau tidak, kami akan bunuh dia". Azri dan Ah lim tidak mahu Siva dibunuh. Mereka pun mengikut kata-kata orang pemuda itu. Azri dan Ah Lim senyap-senyap mengikuti tiga pemuda itu.

Mereka tiba di sebuah rumah papan buruk. Tiga pemuda itumengikat Siva. Azri dan Ah Lim menunggu lama supaya pemuda pemuda itu meninggalkan tempat tersebut.

Akhirnya, dua pemuda itu keluar juga dan tinggal seorang lagi di dalam. Azri dan Ah Lim mendapat satu idea. Azri berdiri di luar pintu dan menarik perhatian pemuda itu. Apabila pemuda itu keluar, Ah Lim pula membuang bakul keatas kepada pemuda itu lalu pemuda itu pun pengsan. Azri segera melepaskan Siva.

Tanpa membuang masa mereka segera melarikan diri sebelum dua pemuda itup pulang. Apabila mereka dapat keluar dari belukar itu, mereka segera menelefon polis di pondok telefon berdekatan.

Sepuluh minit kemudian, polis tiba. Ah Lim memberitahu polis terdapat tiga pemuda yang ketagihan dengan dadah. Sekumpulan polis masuk ke dalam belukar itu. Setengah jam kemudian, polis berjaya menangkap tiga pemuda itu.

Azri, Ah Lim dan Siva memberitahu polis apa yang berlaku. Tiga permuda itu dihantar ke pusat serenti. Azri , Ah Lim dan Siva tidak akan melupakan peristiwa ini. itu.


*well atlease I have a powerful imagination skill* =.=

Karangan Jenis Berita

I found my old Karangan book back when I was in primary school and I had fun reading those hilarious "karangan-s" I wrote when I was only 120cm tall?

Anda telah ditugaskan oleh ketua anda, untuk menulis berita tentang kejadian rompakkan bank oleh empat orang lelaki. Tulis berita itu selengkapnya.

DAMANSARA JAYA, Jumaat (tarikh?? tajuk ??) - Sebuah bank yang dikenali sebagai Alliance Bank di Jalan Damansara telah dirompak oleh tiga orang pemuda yang bersenjatakan pistol. Kejadian ini berlaku kira-kira jam 1 petang apabila beberapa pengawai bank pergi makan tengahari.

Seorang pengawai bank yang berada di tempat kejadian berusia 25 dan bernama Encik Wong berkata kejadian rompakan tersebut berlaku dalam masa yang amat singkat, iaitu, kira-kira 10 minit. Jumlah kerugian dianggarkan sebanyak RM20,000.

"Dua orang perompak tersebut memasuki bank dengan bertopeng, sarung tangan dan bersenjatakan dua pucuk pistol. Seorang lagi menunggu rakan-rakannya dalam kereta di luar bank," kata Encik Wong. Segala-galanya berlaku sepantas kilat. *direct translation from "as fast as lightning" LOL*

Encik Wong menceritakan, " seorang perompak mengacukan pistolnya kepada salah seorang pelanggan kami. Manakala seorang lagi mengutip wang yang ada dan mengambil barang yang berharga dan meletaknya ke dalam kotak". Kesemua perompak itu berjaya melarikan diri dengan menaiki sebuah kereta yang berwarna putih dan menghalakan ke Jalan Damai.

Balai Polis Damansara merayu menyeru kepada orang ramai yang menyaksikan rompakkan tersebut melaporkan kepada pihak polis. Nombor yang boleh dihubungi adalah 03-33333330 untuk mencari Inspektor Jalaludin Hassan.*Those were the days where Jalaludin Hassan was very famous in the show "anda ingin menjadi seorang jutawan? haha!!"

Polis minta kerjasama dari orang ramai yang ternampak sebuah kereta putih Proton Satria 1.5 dan bernombor WAB 3333 supaya melaporkannya ke balai polis yang berdekatan.

Verdict ? 18 1/2 ~ improvement..! by half a mark...

Surat Kiriman Tidak Rasmi

I was doing some spring cleaning yesterday, I found my old karangan book from primary school..It's really hilarious and it brought back good memories of the good old days..

Here's a really funny Langkawi trip that I wrote..

Tulis sepucuk surat tidak rasmi kepada sahabat anda untuk menceritakan aktiviti yang anda lakukan semasa cuti sekolah yang lalu.

Menemui sahabatku Debra yang kini berada di Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Semoga anda Berasa dalam keadaan sihat sejatera.

Apa khabar saudari di Selangor? Saya dan keluarga saya di Kuala Lumpur sihat. Bagaimanakah cuti sekolah saudari ? Saya dan keluarga saya pergi melancong di Pulau Langkawi.
Pada kesempatan ini, saya hendak memberitahu saudari tentang percutian saya. Pada 23 November 2003, saya telah pergi ke Langkawi dengan menaiki kapal terbang. Pulau Langkawi sungguh cantik sekali. Kami tinggal di sana selama empat hari. Ayah saya menyewa sebuah kereta. Ayah saya membawa kami ke Pantai Pasir Hitam. Ia dikenali sebagai Pantai Pasir Hitam kerana pasirnya di pantai tersebut berwarna hitam.
Pada hari kedua, kami pergi ke Kampung Air Hangat. Tempat tersebut mempunyai kolam air panas. Lagenda Kampung Air Hangat adalah satu baldi yang dipenuhi air yang hangat telah di tuang. Seterusnya, kami melawat Telaga 7 Tujuh. Kami terpaksa mendaki sebuah gunung untuk melihat air terjun dan tujuh telaga. Walaupun penat, air yang indah itu membuat kami ber tenang. Pada hari yang ketiga, kami dibawah oleh (dengan menaiki) sebuah bot. Bot tersebut membawa kami (Kami pergi) ke Tasik Perempuan Mengandung (Tasik Dayang Bunting!). Gunung-gunung itu memang macam (di sana seolah-olah) seorang wanita yang mengandung.

Pada hari yang terakhir, kami membawa bagasi kami dan meninggalkan Berjaya Beach Resort. Kami dibawa ke lapangan terbang. Pada pukul 4 petang, kami tiba di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Kami tiba di rumah pada pukul 5 petang. Walaupun sangat letih, tapi saya berasa gembira sekali.

Setakat ini yang saya tulis. Saya berharap saudari akan membalas surat saya secepat yang mungkin. Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang Benar,
Sabrina **

Verdict ?? 18/30

Monday, June 7, 2010

Note To Self..

cik fong...
ada masa tak mau ulang kaji,
ada masa tengok "fringe" pulak,
soalan keluar bulat-bulat dari "tutorial", (tapi tak tau buat jugak)
ingatlah bahawa beras secupak tak akan jadi segantang.. !

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another..... post

Yep, its that time again when I want to crap a lot in my blog. I just have to talk aboutthe riots in Bangkok that just ended recently. I've concluded that it's all a politically involved, and me , myself, am afraid to "blog" anything about it. I'm really afraid of Mr.T or any guy wearing a Ferrari or a Machester United T-SHirt (if you know what I mean) throwing a glass filled with highly reactive chemicals at my car porch.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unboxing a MacBook !!

P/S : Before you start to plan to rob my house, the mac is not mine.. Yes, i repeat, its not mine ! I'm only doing the honours to unbox it for my aunt. haha !! Thanks yee yee ! bringing me to the mac store to buy it..! I think I almost fainted when she said, "let's go buy a mac now !! ".

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spagetti Ala Vongole !

Who said that I cant cook ? Well, after a few failed attempted cooking Maggi Mee, I found out that I can cook spagetti without getting a stomach-ache after the meal..! Hooray ! It's a great achievement for me, alright ? The truth is, I didnt cook the spagetti from scratch.. a trip to Cold Storage, go the food section and buy one of those instant pasta in a packet and you're 50% done..


I picked this brand because I assumed it was made in Italy because the preparation directions were in ITALIAN ! I'm pretty smart eh ? okay.. another reason was because it was the only one that "Contained Alcohol"

Open it up, and it looks like this...

Pour 450ml of water in to the pot and "Start the FIRE!"

After the water is boiled, pour the contents of the packet. Stir the contents occasionally until the sauce is evaporated. (not completely, it takes about 7-10 minutes)

For additional flavour, you could add some "Mixed Herbs" (I have no idea what is it called, flavoring?,powder?,taste enchanter????)

I added some basil FRESH from the garden..

And VOILA ! You have your homemade Spagetti Ala Vongole !

Sunday, April 11, 2010

dude, where's my car ?

wtf ? bff? ? hey, you stole my Fs remember ? f you, man...

Fantasia in Tavola

1-mettere a bollire in una pentola bassa e larga 450 ml abbondanti di acqua
2-quando l'acqua bolle versare il contenuto della busta e mescolare.
3-cuocere a fuoco medio ed a padella scoperta per circa 7 minuti,
finche l'acqua non si sara completamente riassorbita
mescolare di tanto in tanto

3 Blind Mice Nursery Rhyme

Three Blind Mice,
See how they run,
They all ran after the farmer's wife,
Who cut their tails with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a thing in your life ?
As three blind mice.....

Children sing it, parents sing it to their kids.. It'a a well known nursery rhyme. But do you know the thru meaning and the origin of this song perceived by many that it is innocent as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary had a Little Lamb ? Well.. think again...

The "farmer's wife" refers to Queen Mary I, wife of King Philip of Spain. She was a devoted Catholic and was nicknamed as "Bloody Mary" due to her ruthlessness against the Protestants.
"Three Blind Mice" were the three Protestant nobleman convicted to plot against the Queen's execution.
However, the Queen did not blinded the three nobleman as mentioned in the nursery rhyme, but she comdemned to be burned on the stake....

It's a really violent and dark song to be singing joyfully.. Do you still want to sing it to the little young ones ?
Better stick back to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Sunday, April 4, 2010


That's just plain digusting...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Time to live and let die...

Did you try to live on your own ?
When you burn down the house and homes?
Did you stand too close to the fire ?
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone ?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Your faith walks on broken glass...

Do you know what's worth fighting for ?
When it's not worth dying for ?
Does it take your breath away?
And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weight out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?

Monday, March 1, 2010

In Loving Memory of Datin Penny Fei

Datin has been with us for the the past 5 years... She's the most intelligent rodent that I've ever seen and I don't think I will ever have a rabbit full of personality just like her. It was in April 2005, when I decided that I wanted to a pet to prove to my parents that i'm now fully responsible to take care of my own pet. Sitting behind the glass window with a bunch of young little bunnies, sat this white and brown bunny, more prominent that others because she wasn't sleeping and eating just like the others... She was stepping on top of the other sleeping rabbits to get over to the glass window ! I still remembered that the sales girls was a 12 years old little girl taking over the booth when her mother was taking a short break... she took out a grey bunny, eyes open wide! with shock !! hmm.. Then I asked, what about the little brown and white rabbit ? Datin was totally cute ! She wasnt struggling to break free nor her eyes was open wide with fear.. At that moment I knew that she was brave and cunning !
She was initially named Penny, because my mom said that we should name her something related to wealth.. Like JackPot or Dollar or Ringgit or Yen or 4D ! haha ! Fei was her second name because she was "fat" and "fast". Datin was later added on because of her personality. She had this thick fur around her neck and she wasn't afraid of anything except cats. She would have this growling sounds when we feed her. And we were all afraid of her because she bites.. But behind those "self-protectiveness", she was in fact a very "manja" rabbit.. She aboslutely loves massages just like any other rabbits... She'll come to you once a while when she's out of her cage.
There's were many many many memorable moments with her.. They say that an average lifespan of a rabbit was 5 years. 2 more months and Datin would be 6 years old. I always assume that she would live longer... But I guess urinary cancer got to her first..
It's still heart breaking to me that she passed away so fast. She was so happy when we let her out to get some breeze and fresh air on Saturday.. and she was gone on Sunday..
She was a matter of fact, one of a kind... !!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One, Two, Three ?

One Two Three
Not only you and me
Got one eighty degrees
and i'm caught in between
one two three
peter paul and mary
getting down with three green peas..

Having Britney Spears songs stuck in your head is quite........unhealthy......

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Final Fantasy Play Arts - Lightning !

FFXIII is finally out in Japan ! After the long awaited thirteenth installment of the Final Fantasy Series ! However, the japanese illiterate, have wait a little more for the English version when it comes out in March 2010. The Japanese version gameplay videos are already available all over Youtube ! But nothing beat playing and experiencing it yourself...

Anyways.... I'm here to promote the Square Enix Play Arts Action Figure - Lightning !

Details are quite dissapointing thou... From my perspective, It looks rather odd especially the facial features... Something is not quite right somewhere.. But I'm impress with the details in that outfit ! Not to mention the gunblade !

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Shiva Bike !

Both "Shiva" and the "Bike" are detachable and would form a single motocycles, imitating the Shiva Bike as shown in Final Fantasy 13 the Game !

Its comes with a heavy price tag too...! $200USD !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

ain't she a beauty ?

Owning one of these is not likely to be possible for me now.. and I ain't gonna let it stop me ! I shall earn and save enough dough to make it possible in the near future ! muahahha !!

.....How i wish it was a 2.0 GTI..... =P