Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog Revival!!!

Wow! Seems like ages I've written anything on my blog. Reading some old post here, how immature of me.. Maybe I still am.. *giggles*

Note to my old self:

Dear Miyoko the College Nerd Student:

1) You will not need to wear those ugly pair of pink Crocs that you loved so much any more. You are now a proud owner of many pairs of Charles&Keith and Clarks and Nine West and Guess.

2) If you think that ONE weird guy is weird. You'll meet a tons more.

3) No, you will not own a MacBook Pro because its still bloody expensive and I'm not willing to spend all my hard-earned money for this "fashion-accessory".

4) Yes, you will own a Burberry. That makes you officially an aunty susceptible by the temptation of  designer handbags by 24.

5) You will find your Jesse/ReedRichard/Edward/ChristianGrey. *wink wink* clue: you don't see him with your heart now but he was always there with you.

Toodles!! :D

1. Here's your cute crocs that turned into a fashion "mistake"ment.

2. Your "Cap-Plang" China "so-called-branded" Kipling Bag

 3. Behind that Weird Guy that was trying to take a selfie (before selfie was even a word) with your camera there was your Jesse..